NBA 2K21 details how adaptive triggers


The next generation version of this basketball simulator will take advantage of many functionalities of the upcoming systems.

New year, new installment of the basketball simulator from 2K Games. Although the version for the current generation is already available, the premiere of the next consoles will serve to offer a completely revamped title designed for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PlayStation 5. It is precisely this last console that has haptic technology in its command, the DualSense, which also incorporates adaptive triggers. Through a press release, the developer has revealed the news related to these characteristics in NBA 2K21 for the Sony system.

“Developers always love that the hardware that accompanies new consoles incorporates new features,” explains Mike Wang, gameplay director for the title. “As soon as we heard about the adaptive triggers and haptic technology on the PlayStation5, we started thinking about how to use them to improve the gaming experience.” According to the developer, as soon as he had the kits in his hands, the head of engineering began to experiment “with several different prototypes” to determine which of them was the best fit in a basketball video game.

Adaptive triggers and in-depth haptic technology

“As for adaptive triggers, we opted to use them to reflect energy and fatigue. As you move around the track, you will notice that the sprint trigger increases its resistance as the player’s energy decreases. Adaptive resistance is also used when playing on the post ”. Thus, players with more force will perceive that the L2 “offers very little resistance to displace weaker opponents, but they will have to press it with more force when it is the other way around.” According to the developer, this brings the title closer to the reality of the field.

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Haptic technology, meanwhile, has been used to accentuate the different collision systems. In this way, “when closing the rebound, in contact penetrations, in collisions without the ball” and in any other situation in which a noticeable contact occurs, “the controller will vibrate at different intensities depending on the strength of the players involved. and the magnitude of the impact ”. Wang describes as “a real pass” the fact of perceiving in the hands the difference between “a small push and a blow in conditions”. Furthermore, it is a tool that lets the user know when they are pushing their players too hard ”. This can cause their “energy / stamina level” to drop a lot, as well as wear out their bodies.

NBA 2K21 will arrive on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on November 10, but it will not be commercialized on PlayStation 5 until November 19, since the launch of the console in Spain has been established on that date.


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