NBA 2K21, analysis: Visual Concepts


Visual Concepts offers a conservative NBA 2K21 experience, albeit with minor gameplay and My Team changes that are worth noting.

NBA 2K21 is the last installment of the franchise in this generation, at least if we stick to the strategy followed seven years ago, when we made the generational leap that led us to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. At the same time, it is still being played the 2019-2020 season, in completely extraordinary circumstances, how could it be otherwise in a year as turbulent as this one that we are experiencing. Both facts directly influence an iteration for current consoles not only in its launch, but more importantly, in the development of the game as a service, and in how Visual Concepts and 2K Games will approach the arrival of new content during the virtual season, while the real one is resting in an atypical period.

We have been several seasons in which the news around the franchise is centered around changes rather than new additions, because we are dealing with a saga that more than lacks things, has plenty, and we all know what we are talking about … Of course, Despite the fact that for another year –and now they are… – having no competition whatsoever, Mike Wang and company have insisted on giving a 180 degree turn to an aspect of the gameplay that brought all the players down the street from the bitterness on the first day of the game in the market, and that for sure he will do it and it will not please everyone, because it is impossible.

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