NBA 2K 23: The best teams to play for as a strong forward


Powerful forwards have become a marketable commodity in recent years. Superstars such as Kevin Durant and Karl-Anthony Towns have moved from other positions to the position of a powerful forward. The league longs for its most athletic players to occupy the most athletic positions, and this is true for NBA 2K23 as well.

Teams that missed the opportunity to find a strong forward of their dreams in NBA 2K23 do not lose hope, and a MyCareer player may be exactly what they need to compete. For some select teams, gamers can lead a team to the desired championship in just a year or two.

Chicago Bulls

Position Player Rating PG Lonzo Ball 82 SG Zach Lavigne 88 SF Demar DeRozan 89 PF Patrick Williams 75 C Nikola Vucevic 83

Patrick Williams is the forward with the lowest starting rating in the game, so players who are interested in starting as soon as possible should not hesitate to play for the Bulls. It also helps that the rest of the team is fantastic.

In particular, security guards are excellent distributors. Zach Lavigne prefers to score goals from close range, so powerful forwards who invest in some of the best throw badges available will be able to get an open look at three-point shots, which is rare for a strong forward position.

Phoenix Suns

Position Player Rating PG Chris Paul 90 SG Devin Booker 91 SF Mikal Bridges 83 PF Jay Crowder 76 C Deandre Ayton 85

There are only two squads with two 90+ players in the game. The Lakers are the first, but Anthony Davis has secured the position of a strong forward. The Phoenix Suns are next, who, judging by the ratings, have the best defensive combination in the game.

They need a lot of help in the position of a strong forward. This team is clearly one strong striker away from the championship title, a player can easily achieve this. Those with a few important game badges can hit the guards on the perimeter to get some simple three-pointers.

Philadelphia 76ers

Position Player Rating PG James Harden 89 SG Tyrese Maxi 85 SF Tobias Harris 82 PF P. J. Tucker 77 C Joel Embiid 96

The Philadelphia 76ers lack one powerful forward to win it all. And they knew it; they had Ben Simmons, but he couldn’t capitalize on the key moments and held on until he was traded. This left an obvious gap in a team that was otherwise very complete.

Considering that James Harden throws threes and Joel Embiid throws from close range, think about strengthening the defense. By getting a strong forward with the best defense and rebounding badges in the game, the 76ers will finally overcome grief and win a major tournament.

Sacramento Kings

Position Player Rating PG De’Aaron Fox 84 SG Davion Mitchell 77 SF Harrison Barnes 80 PF Keegan Murray 76 C Domantas Sabonis 86

Of all the teams on this list, the Sacramento Kings are the only team that can be called “bad.” Unfortunately, the previous three teams are the only teams with a starting rating below 80, while all their other starters are sitting at 80+. Then players have to choose between bad teams and teams that are difficult to get started with.

It is easy to assemble this team, the task is to defeat the other sub-80 in the defender’s attack. Get badges for top achievements and become a credit superstar of this team. Gamers who want all the attention focused on them will find that playing a powerful forward for the Kings is as good as it gets.

Boston Celtics

Position Player Rating PG Marcus Smart 82 SG Jaylen Brown 87 SF Jason Tatum 93 PF Al Horford 82 C Robert Williams III 85

Unlike the Kings, players can play in a great team that was close to winning just last year, but they will have to be patient as they level up. By the end of the first season, players must catch up and surpass Al Horford and enter the starting lineup.

Those who are patient will be rewarded with a very complete team that will play as a unit. Any player on this team can get hot at any moment. Of course, this may include the player. Between those five, next season could be the one that gets the Celtics back on track with the start of another dynasty.

NBA 2K23 is already available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.


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