NBA 2K 23: The best teams to play as an attacking defender


There are few positions with more versatility than the attacking defender position. Builds can be all over the map, from lock defenders to dunkers and three-point specialists. In NBA 2K23, players can perform any of these actions or a combination of them.

Any choice works functionally. The next step is to find a team in MyCareer that fits this strategy. There are several teams in which a player can step in and quickly take a starting position, so two guards will be able to choose the NBA 2K23 squads that they think give them the best chance of success.

Milwaukee Bucks

Position Player Rating PG Jrue Holiday 86 SG Wesley Matthews 72 SF Chris Middleton 86 PF Giannis Adetokumbo 97 C Brooke Lopez 80

If there was only one team on this list, it would be the Milwaukee Bucks. The rest of the entries are there to satisfy personal taste. There is no situation better than this. It’s not even an opinion, it’s not difficult to replace Wesley Matthews, the player with the lowest rating in any position in the entire game.

All other newcomers are 80+, so everyone else is solid. And yes, getting some of the best playmaker badges and occasionally passing to Giannis Adetokumbo and his sky-high rating of 97 is as nice as it sounds. Expect another champion title once the players move into the starting role.

Toronto Raptors

Position Player Rating PG Fred VanVleet 83 SG Gary Trent Jr. 79 SF OG Anunobi 81 PF Scotty Barnes 84 C Pascal Siakam 86

Every year, many gamers say that their favorite team to join is not the most talented. Of course, they need a cast that won’t spoil them, but they prefer to be the star of the show. If so, consider joining the Raptors.

The only player under the age of 80 in the team is Gary Trent Jr., who can be replaced fairly quickly. After that, players will be able to demonstrate their first-class protective badges, score points and help the players, while being recognized as the undisputed star of Toronto.

New York Knicks

Position Player Rating PG Jalen Brunson 83 SG Evan Fournier 76 SF R.J. Barrett 84 PF Julius Randle 82 C Mitchell Robinson 81

The New York Knicks are for players who like being a star, but who need additional challenges. Evan Fournier really needs a replacement, and the player can replace him at the very beginning of the first season. After that, no one is afraid anymore, but no one is going to help much either.

Players who like to collect the perfect badges for the finish and put the team on their back will love New York. The actors won’t lose any games by themselves, but it will be difficult for them to win any games on their own. They need someone to take the lead.

Portland Trailblazers

Position Player Rating PG Damian Lillard 89 SG Anfernee Simons 80 SF Josh Hart 80 PF Jerami Grant 82 C Yusuf Nurkic 82

It’s a video game, right? This is an opportunity to realize a fantasy. How cool does it sound to unlock the best shooting badges and then start pulling threes from outside the arc with Damian Lillard? It’s as great as it sounds.

Selecting the starting role from Anferni Simons is a bit more difficult here than in other situations. But long-distance specialists should spend a few extra games on the bench. The defense will not be able to cover two threats around the perimeter, so go back and forth with another guard until one of the two is open.

Denver Nuggets

Position Player Rating PG Jamal Murray 84 SG Centavius Caldwell-Pope 76 SF Michael Porter Jr. 80 PF Aaron Gordon 79 C Nikola Jokic 96

The Nuggets are a fantastic place for offensive defenders who like to shoot. Taking on the starting position of Centavius Caldwell-Pope is easy with his 76 rating. Aaron Gordon and Michael Porter Jr. are by no means a commercial argument, but they are largely irrelevant to the strategy of joining Denver.

Murray and Jokic are exceptional passers. All these power-ups will help make the shots even more accurate. Two-time MVP Nikola Jokic (96) will be collecting rebounds and looking for someone to give the ball to, while Murray will also be hoping for open goals. Denver is probably the best place to lead the league in scoring as two quarterbacks.

NBA 2K23 is already available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.


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