NBA 2K 23: The best teams to play as a center


The big people under the ring in NBA 2K23 have huge tasks and expectations. Historically, they have always been asked to take rebounds and defend the paint in defense, as well as put up barriers in attack. In the modern era, this is still relevant, but three-point shots and a draw have been added to the repertoire.

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This makes picking a team in NBA 2K23 a difficult task (pun intended). Since the players have so many tasks to complete, they need a team that will recoup this investment. Only a select group of teams is worthy of this consideration.

Charlotte Hornets

Position Player Rating PG Lamelo Ball 87 SG Terry Rozier III at 82 SF Gordon Hayward 80 PF P. J. Washington 78 s Mason Plumley 75

Ideally, players should try to find a team with a center below 80, while the rest of the team is above 80. Unfortunately, no team meets the criteria, and only three teams have a central position below 80 and only one other weak spot. The first of them is the Charlotte Hornets.

Mason Plumlee is the worst starting center in the game by rating, so it’s easy to overtake him to get a starting role. P.J. Washington is also not strong in a powerful forward, but this can be a plus, since gamers who like to invest in elite defense and rebound badges will get all the inside information for themselves.

Brooklyn Nets

Position Player Rating PG Kyrie Irving 89 78 SF SG Seth Curry Kevin Durant 96 of Ben Simmons 83 with Nicholas Claxton 76

Next, it’s the Brooklyn Nets, whose starting player in the center is just one point behind the lowest starter at the position. After replacing Claxton, the only real problem is Seth Curry at offensive guard, but big players who like the popular build that uses top—level shooter badges can help on the perimeter.

The biggest advantages are Kyrie Irving (89) at the point guard position and Kevin Durant (96) at the light forward position. With a strong center, they will have a superstar at all three levels, which gives the Nets a roster that can easily compete for the title in the player’s first season.

Los Angeles Clippers

Position Player Rating PG John Wall 78 SG normal Powell 80 SF Paul George 88 PF Kawai Leonard 94 s Ivica Zubac 77

Finally, the third team that has only one problem area near the center is the Clippers, with Ivica Zubac as their big man. John Wall is another problem in the team, he plays as a point guard, but at least he has the ability to strike and score.

To make the most of this team, do what two-time tournament MVP Nikola Jokic does, giving passes to elite forwards from the inside. With the best playmaker badges, the Clippers’ centers can make a lot of assists in addition to their usual rebounds and blocks.

Milwaukee Bucks

Position Player Rating PG Jru Holiday 86 SG Wesley Matthews 72 SF Chris Middleton 86 PF Giannis Adetokumbo 97 c Brooke Lopez 80

It is impossible to ignore the fact that Wesley Matthews is the worst starter in the entire game at offensive guard. And Brook Lopez, at 80, will need an extra week or two to be replaced. But after solving these problems, Bucks has a huge growth potential.

Giannis Adetokounmpo is the highest ranked player in the game with 97. This team is ready to win another championship with this lineup if they can get some help scoring in the interior. With a few perfect trim badges, the centerpieces can make the Bucks the team that dominates the interior.

Los Angeles Lakers

Position Player Rating PG Russell Westbrook 78 SG Patrick Beverley 78 SF LeBron James 96 of Anthony Davis 90 gr Thomas Bryant 76

Some players will stay away from the Los Angeles Lakers because of their weak guards. But Thomas Bryant is easy to replace very quickly, and once that’s done, the centers will play with an offensive combination of LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

The Lakers are one of two teams in the game that have two starting players with a rating of 90+. Being the third superstar for the team means total domination inside. Stretching will also be able to provide the team with much-needed help from the perimeter.

NBA 2K23 is already available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.


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