NBA 2K 23: The best shooting badges


As the NBA continues to morph into a three-point shooting league, NBA 2K23 continues to make draining threes as rewarding as it sounds. For gamers who come up with the perfect jump shot for themselves and shorten the time, they will become the MVP in any game and in any mode they play.

That’s assuming they have the appropriate shooting badges, of course. Apart from the maximum disclosure of attributes, nothing matters more than getting the badges right in NBA 2K23. If the goal is to become the top scorer in the city center, these are the right badges.

The best icons for any shooter

Just punches made by a defender closing in on his peripheral vision will get a smaller penalty. Hall of Fame Requirements: 94 mid-range shots or 97 three-point shots

Frustrating is the burning by the defender on the perimeter, opening for a strike, and then their pathetic attempt to block is counted. Although it’s not in the face and not in the path of the shot, this side protection will still phase the shooter. This is if the shooter does not have a Blinders icon that will ignore such pressure.

A good eye

Jump shots made while the defender is closing receive a smaller penalty for the throwing competition. Hall of Fame Requirements: 99 three-point shots

Trying to throw with the new Dr. Disrespect cosmetics may seem chic, but not when the defender continues to spoil the blow. If you don’t play against completely incompetent opponents, more than 90% of good shots will be challenged to one degree or another.

Deadeye makes it so that these defenders have virtually no effect on the strike.

Three-dimensional shooter

After the player has made a small number of throws, for each subsequent throw, an additional enhancement of the attributes of the throw is given, whether it is a hit or a miss. Requirements for the Hall of Fame: 78 shots from an average distance or 80 shots from three points.

Taking the best picture in a new and improved city can be as easy as practicing improvement. Literally. Simple quantity shooting will also improve the quality after a few shots, increasing the characteristics of all shots for players who shoot frequently.

The best icons for ball shooters
Limitless range

Increases the range at which a player can effectively throw three-pointers from deep. Hall of Fame Requirements: 99 three-point shots

There’s little that can help a player in the NBA 2K special edition faster than regularly hitting threes from almost half the court. Limitless range is the only way to do this. Even with 99 attributes in three-point shooting, the shooting range is limited, this icon is needed to significantly expand the zone.

The creator of space

Increases the player’s ability to both strike accurately after creating space from the defender, and to strike at the enemy when retreating. Requirements for the Hall of Fame: 80 shots from an average distance or 83 shots from three points.

Confusing opponents by leading is something all point guards should specialize in. It’s even useful for those who don’t hit very often from a long distance.

Retreating opponents when stepping back is certainly great for creating triples, but it can also create a gap that slashers can use.

Agent 3

Improves the ability to do pull-ups or throws from a turn from a three-point distance. Hall of Fame Requirements: 99 three-point shots

Trying to throw a three with the ball is much more difficult than a catch-and-let-go throw. This increased difficulty can be offset by the Agent 3 badge, which turns tougher body-bending threes into a standard shot, just like any other.

The best icons for shooters without a ball
Catch and shoot

For a short time after the transfer, the receiver’s ability to knock down triples increases significantly. Hall of Fame Requirements: 93 three-point shots

From the first glance at the trailer, gamers should have known that Catch & Shoot would once again be an excellent badge for three-point specialists. Getting a pass in the right place at the right time is difficult enough, players should reward their efforts by making the best possible throw.


Increases the ability to shoot down perimeter shots with patient detection. Hall of Fame Requirements: 86 three-point shots

Sometimes players get the ball in a position where no defender can close from them. They have enough time to notice and take the next shot. Given the popularity of slashers that attract additional defenders, such moments should occur several times in each game.

Corner Specialist

Long-range shots made along the baseline of the court receive reinforcement, regardless of whether it is a stroke or a catch. Hall of Fame Requirements: 89 three-point shots

It can be difficult to guess a player’s rating, but there are very few guesses when it comes to choosing the perfect place to place a three-point ball.


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