NBA 2K 23: the best sapphire cards in MyTeam, rating


The pursuit of Sapphire cards in MyTeam is that it’s relatively easy to do. For gamers who don’t (and shouldn’t) spend money to buy cards, NBA 2K23 makes it very easy to play a few MyCareer games and get enough virtual currency to buy some great ones.

So the real question for MyTeam fans is not whether these cards are worth it or not. Sapphire cards in NBA 2K23 give players a good floor to jump on. Question: Which of these cards should I buy first? Since they are all close in price, feel free to buy only the best of the best.

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10. Rick Smits

When creating the best central build, keep in mind that it is impossible to create another Rick Smith. Smiths is 7 feet 4 inches tall, which is a whole inch taller than the maximum height NBA 2K23 allows players to be. That alone makes him a terrifying center.

However, this is not the end of the reasons to use it. He is great on duty or during downtime with his golden Aeriel Wizard badge. His hot zone is around the net, so most bumps into the paint won’t be a problem.

9 Bradley Beale

What made Michael Jordan the scorer he was? It was his ability to throw, as well as to make dunks and downtime. There was no safe way to protect him because he was ready for anything. Bradley Beale’s sapphire card is almost the same.

His cutting ability from an attacking defender position is always a threat, but Beal almost has to hope that his defenders bite too hard on the drive, as he is even better at handling the middle distance. After getting gold in Volume Shooter, keep feeding him and he will improve as the game progresses.

8 Frank Ntilikina

Guards who defend poorly are, unfortunately, a common problem, even when looking at the best Amethyst cards. Frank Ntilikina specializes in defense and can be used both as a point guard and an attacking defender, because he is also good at drawing.

Before the game, see which of the two opposing guards scores better, and then connect the Ntilikina. His golden Pick Dodger badge ensures that the man-to-man game will work perfectly for him, no need to turn on the screens. .

7 Rudy Gober

Stifle Tower, or Rudy Gober, got his nickname for being a powerful defender under the ring. His gold badges in Achor and Post Lockdown perfectly complement his height of 7 feet 1 inch.

Post Lockdown is considered one of the best icons in the game because post scoring is now incredibly common. He has a blue area just behind the ring, so don’t try to do anything unusual in attacking, but he has a red area when it’s right under him. Use his strength to take the perfect position.

6 Zion Williamson

Tired of the inside defenders who can’t score? This is a common problem in MyTeam. Fortunately, Zion Williamson closes the redundancy with a scoring onslaught. He has all but two finishing badges, and two of those badges are gold.

His defense wasn’t much affected either. The attributes are not surprising, but he has the Brick Wall and Rebound Chaser badges, so at least he can handle himself. At 6 feet 6 inches tall, he’s a little short for a powerful forward (don’t move him to the center), but his strength helps him play bigger than his height.

5 Dennis Rodman

At 6 feet 7 inches tall, players may think Dennis Rodman is more suited to the role of a light forward than a heavy forward. The gold badge on the selection proves that this statement is incorrect. He also has two more gold badges in some of the best defense/rebound badges. available.

Rodman is also one of those rare shots who prefer to shoot from the right side of the basket. With a center who likes to post from the left, this can be the perfect two-way attack.

4 Kyrie Irving

It goes without saying that Kyrie Irving has one of the best dribbling skills in the NBA. Animation is just as important, perhaps even more so than good attributes. If a player ever feels worse than his stats, it’s for this reason. Irving is just perfect.

However, this does not mean that there are any shortcomings in his statistics. He doesn’t have badges on defense, which is pretty common for point guards at this level, but his three gold badges are quite handy when it comes to playmaking. He can both chop and shoot. When it comes to shooting, he has 80+ in every attribute, so don’t be afraid to shoot after taking off the ankle fracture.

3 Jalen Duren

Although Jalen Duren is listed primarily as a center forward, he should probably be used more as a powerful forward. His height, 6 feet 11 inches, is good for a center, but his skills relate more to slashing punches and dunks than to standing and grabbing shields.


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