NBA 2K 23: The best Ruby cards in MyTeam, ranked


Too many gamers are looking at the best Dark Matter cards and trying to imagine how long it will take to get them. Here’s the big secret of NBA 2K23: Don’t save up for these cards without first assembling a full team. This only lengthens the process due to unnecessary losses and the lack of a sufficient number of statistical successes.

It’s better to find Ruby cards in NBA 2K23 and spend a day or two to get them all. By making a plan and knowing which players are perfect for the team, players can create a complete team before going on a journey to catch these legendary cards.

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10 Trey Young

There are nine ruby cards with a gold badge. This means that Trey Young is a strange person in this area. His defense has no badges, and he has an admittedly low 69 rating. But that’s about it in terms of bad news.

Young has twenty-four silver badges in three other categories. His performance from deep, close-range completion and game play more than make up for any potential problems in defense.

9 Lafonso Ellis

Powerful forwards are a marketable commodity, they need to support the centers with some help in defense, and then contribute on their own without interfering. Veterans know that too many inside scorers score the track, and that’s why Lafonso Ellis is so valuable.

Ellis is a slasher, not a traditional on-the-spot post player. His speed helps not only in attack, but also in defense. Such players are less common, which gives Ellis a ruby card, which many will prefer to the best amethyst cards.

8 Kawai Leonard

If Kawai Leonard and the Clippers stay healthy for at least one season, few doubt they will win the championship. Leonard has already been the driving force behind two championships for two teams, the Clippers will be the third.

Light forwards face the challenge of competing with the most versatile players on the court. As a result, their defense matters more than most others, as they will need to prepare for slashers, dunkers, mid-range shooters and three-point specialists. Leonard is ready for anything, partly because of his gold “Threat” badge.

7 Rolando Blackman

The best thing about Rolando Blackman doesn’t show up in his badges or attributes. Take a look at his hot spots; Blackman is handsome and red when making any shot from anywhere inside the three-point arc.

In addition, he is versatile, as befits many attacking defenders and light forwards. He has at least three silver badges in each category, except shooting, where he compensates for this with a gold Volume Shooter badge. Blackman is a mid—range shot that players will like if they miss in this area of the court.

6 Scott Skiles

NBA fans know the name of Scott Skiles, who set the record for assists in one game with 30 assists. The record has been standing since 1990, and few are approaching this mark. As expected, his Ruby Card is exceptionally good at drawing.

In addition to the best game badges, Styles also has the coveted “Floor General” badge with a gold rank. Floor General increases the characteristics of everyone else on the floor. It’s not magic when the whole team gets better while Stiles is lying on the floor, it’s in the card.

5 Ricky Green

It’s hard to shake off a person the way Ricky Green can. The 6-foot-0 point guard has a speed rating of 89, which is enough to beat some of the fastest defenders in the game. He will do it often too, especially with his gold “Quick First Step” badge.

This style destroys defensive plans. As soon as an opponent bites one of his elite dribbling techniques, hell either breaks past him to score himself, or finds an open man, as defenders have to lose their match to help.

4 Damian Lillard

None of Damian Lillard’s badges are on the defensive side of the ball. But at 6 feet 2 inches tall and a speed rating of 83, he’s not easy to put down. Even if we take into account this weakness of the Ruby card, his attack more than compensates for this oversight.

Lillard is a shooting machine. His gold badge in Volume Shooter encourages players to score points and keep doing it. Gamers who like a three-point shot and the presence of a card with points take the lead in this flurry, Lillard is the one to turn to.

3 Ja Morant

The basic strategy of the ideal construction of a dunker is to hack inside and, if someone enters to stop the push, go back to the newly discovered person. This is a tactic that has worked for years in all modes, and it is just as effective in this case. Especially with Ja Morant throwing punches.

His two gold medals are both in the finish, plus a few simple points in the paint in each game.


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