NBA 2K 23: the best Pink Diamond cards in MyTeam, rating


Some may think that professional NBA 2K23 players choose Dark Matter athletes, but in fact this is not the case. It takes more than one player to win the game, and the experts know this. As a result, wise gamers try to replenish their squad with pink diamond players first.

Even getting a couple of such athletes is a big deal. Dark Matter or Galactic Opal players can take advantage of most smaller opponents, but Pink Diamond athletes retain their positions. There are plenty of Pink Diamond balls in NBA 2K23, so choose a good one.

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10 Anton Jamison

Powerful forwards are not often considered when players think of positions with a high attacking rating. But Anton Jamieson breaks this stereotype by scoring a maximum of 99 points of attacking abilities. Scoring, striking and throwing from mid-range or from around the corner, Jamison presents a problem that most other powerful forwards cannot handle.

Most power forwards who focus on scoring lose a step in the interior, but Jamison also covers that with the Hall of Fame Rebound Chaser and Pogo Stick, two of the best defense/rebounding badges. His unpredictability is a favorite for gamers who need versatility against stacked opponents.

9 Jeremy Lin

What made Jeremy Lin a household name was his ability to do anything on offense. When he wasn’t making winning shots himself, he was making slam dunks and hitting teammates on the move.

Among all these successes, it should be noted that Lin has a Hall of Fame Floor general badge. This gives all his teammates a boost in their stats. Every team needs at least one such player with this badge, Lin can be the answer that players are looking for.

8 Michael Finley

When gamers create their own characters, they often make the mistake of choosing finishing or shooting. Once the opponents realize this, they can adjust the defense to defend against one or the other, effectively taking the player out of the game if he can’t do both.

Michael Finley can do both. He has some of the cutest dunk animations and badges that complement his throw and badges. When it comes to the latter, he has everything but one badge rated as gold or higher, so he can make it rain threes when he doesn’t perform a dunk from the bright rollers.

7 Steve Francis

The ideal point guard strategy for most competitive players is to strike inside and then throw it to the ring when he finds an alley, or throw the ball outside to an open player if the defense cuts off the path. Steve Francis was created for such tactics.

His Hall of Fame badges are mostly split between the finish and the game. If he gets inside, his defender will need help to stop the score. If they really get help, Francis can hit a newly discovered teammate for an easy pass.

6 Richard Jefferson

One of the most powerful tools in the small forward position is speed. Many small forwards slow down to focus on other attributes. This is a mistake, as fast light forwards can then close the gap, making their additional attributes here and there ineffective.

Richard Jefferson has a speed of 93, as well as a healthy combination of Hall of Fame badges for shooting and finishing. He also has all but five defense/rebound badges, at gold level or higher, so no small build-up forward will be able to negate Jefferson’s abilities.

5 Steve Nash

Steve Nash has some of the best throw animations in the game, including the best free throw animation. For those who are fixated on statistics, movement has the same meaning as attributes. Poor movement allows defenders to close the gap and spoils the player’s time.

He has not only good shooting, but also statistics confirming this. With a maximum rating of 99 on offense, Nash can throw the ball himself from a long distance or pass it to the best of them. He does all the attacking better when he’s on the floor.

4 Brandon Jennings

As is the case with many point guards, Brandon Jennings is completely focused on offense. He doesn’t have a single defensive badge, he hopes to compensate for his 95 speed to stay ahead of the offense, which works well enough. Even with this disadvantage, his resentment more than makes up for it.

Jennings has top-level playmaker badges, as all but one are gold or higher. Aside from the pass, his elite shooting badges make him a threat to score all by himself. He will either find an open person, or he will shoot himself.

3 Richard Hamilton

The players who have Richard Hamilton on their team know what they want. The best three-point shot is played at the position of the attacking defender, and this is where Hamilton shows himself best. He has a perfect 99 points on offense, and all 10 of his Hall of Fame badges are in the shooting category.
He is not a fool in other areas.


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