NBA 2K 23: The Best Light Forward Build


Playing as a light forward is just as intense as in NBA 2K23. Players like LeBron James and Kevin Durant play in this position, and each of them has their own unique style. Trying to create an assembly that can disable any style while maintaining its own identity is difficult.

This build is excellent, but you also need to consider the preferences and composition of the team. No player will succeed with a build that doesn’t fit NBA 2K23. Feel free to take this guide and adjust it based on these factors, or abandon it entirely if you want to go from a different angle.

Body Settings

Height 6 feet 7 inches Weight 209 pounds Wingspan 7 feet 4 inches

The default height will work well here, as the goal of this build is to create an all—round player competent in all aspects of the game. Reduce the weight slightly and maximize the wingspan to increase speed with minimal effort.

In previous years, such a build was impossible, since players had to choose a schedule with specializations embedded in it. This time, gamers don’t have to choose whether they want to pinch it at the rim or take a long three. They can do both while maintaining a strong defense and moving fast. After testing the best game icons, these body settings maximize their effect.

Attribute Potential

Close throw 75 Ball care 78 Lead dunk 75 Standing dunk 75 Post-control 69 Mid-range throw 74 Three-point throw 75 Free throw 54 Pass accuracy 76 Ball handle 75 Speed with the ball 75 Interior Defense 75 Perimeter defense 75 Interception 75 Block 75 Rebound in Offense 76 Rebound in Defense 73 Speed 86 Acceleration 80 Strength 62 Vertical 98 Endurance 99

These numbers mostly fluctuate in the mid-70s, and it’s just perfect. They are quite high, so opponents with a rating of 99 will still have to work against a light forward to make their style work. They are also high enough to exploit anyone who has at least one weakness in their game.

The numbers aren’t perfectly even, and there’s a reason for that; icons value some attributes more than others. To get more badges, especially the best shooting badges, it is necessary to make small adjustments to the total number. This versatility makes this assembly special. Master every aspect of the game, and these numbers will not prevent the player from doing anything at all.


Finishing Acrobat (Silver), Backdown Punisher (Bronze), Dream Shake (Silver), Dropstepper (Silver), Fearless Finisher (Silver), Post Spin Technician (Silver), Rise Up (Bronze), Slithery (Bronze) Shooting Agent 3 (Bronze), Blinders (Bronze), Catch & Shoot (Silver), Deadeye (Bronze), Guard Up (Silver), Middy Magician (Gold), Slippery Off-Ball (Bronze), Space Creator (Bronze), Playmaking Ankle Breaker (Gold)), Bail Out (Bronze), Clamp Breaker (Bronze), Killer Combinations (Bronze), Threader (Silver), Quick First Step (Bronze), Unpluckable (Silver), Protection / Rebound Anchor (Bronze), Ankle Braces (Silver), Boxout Beast (Bronze), Brick Wall (Bronze), Challenger (Bronze), Chase Down Artist (Silver), Clamps (Bronze), Glove (Bronze), Interceptor (Bronze), Menace (Bronze), Off-Ball Pest (Bronze), Pick Dodger (Bronze), Pogo Stick (Bronze), Post Lockdown (Bronze), Rebound Chaser (Bronze)

This is where things get exciting. In fact, players will have more badges than they lack. Those who invest in just a few badges will be torn to shreds by this build by any means. These perfect finishing badges can put, give dunks and shoot from the rack with equal ferocity.

There are not many middle-distance shooters in the game, so the Middy Magician stands out for its usefulness on the gold rating. Few teams have an answer for medium-range shooting; they actually develop strategies that try to get players to take those shots. With this build, it’s a terrible mistake, these shots will hit every time. This is, of course, in addition to the phenomenal three-point shooting.

Another rare feat of a light forward is dribbling. Most of them put these skills entirely on the feet of the point guard, which leads to the fact that other light attackers do not protect themselves from movements that break the ankle. With Ankle Breaker on gold, enemies will need to switch from point guards to defend the attack, at which point the build will have a significant size advantage.

Finally, the defense/rebound badges are enough to ensure that any offensive attack, even with the perfect 99 attributes and the Hall of Fame badge assigned to it, can be thwarted with proper positioning. In addition, a light forward can help in the interior or on the perimeter as a last resort.


Primary Takeover of Slasher Secondary Takeover of Spot Up Shooter

There are four capture options for this build, a reward for elite in many aspects.


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