NBA 2K 23: The best game techniques


The essence of game moves is that they exhaust stamina in huge chunks. Even players who gain the maximum amount of stamina in their perfect point guard build in NBA 2K23 will only be able to use a few before running out of strength.

This leaves the players with a choice. Either completely abandon dribbling and leave it to the NBA 2K23 experts, or use only the best, most incredible techniques available. Dribbling is terrible by default, so playmakers should take note of this and replace their old tricks with some of the most disgusting fakes the court has ever seen.

Dribbling style

Up to 6ft 5in Chris Paul 6ft 5in – 6ft 10in Joel Embiid 6ft 10in + Joel Embiid

The trick of the best dribbling styles is that they can move left or right instantly. Most styles prefer one direction, most of the remaining ones are slow at the first step. Fortunately, Chris Paul and Joel Embiid are the lucky exceptions.

Many may be surprised that a big man knows how to drive the ball. The center is designed not only to get the best badges in defense/rebounding, there are more stretches on the perimeter now than ever before in the history of the NBA.

Signature Size

Up to 6ft 5in Carmelo Anthony 6ft 5in – 6ft 10in Carmelo Anthony 6ft 10in + Carmelo Anthony

Keep them guessing, this is the goal of increasing the size. Defenders must be sure that at any moment the guide can go or disappear to the left, right, head-on or straight back. Carmelo Anthony Size-Up is especially unpleasant and confusing even for experienced players. Those with the perfect three-point physique will like it when defenders move a little bit and then refuse to throw completely open.

Larger rescue packages

Up to 6 feet 5 inches Kobe Bryant 6 feet 5 inches – 6 feet 10 inches Kobe Bryant 6 feet 10 inches + Kobe Bryant

The goal of escaping to the size is to quickly switch to the defender’s side. Players with perfect completion badges will know the exercise as they need to get to the alley more than anyone else. Opening horizontally has a huge advantage if done quickly and deceptively, and no style does it better than Kobe Bryant’s package.

Moving crossovers

Up to 6ft 5in Jason Tatum 6ft 5in – 6ft 10in Jason Tatum 6ft 10in + Jason Tatum

The biggest crime of a moving crossover is that so many animations slow down progress. Movement towards the opponent should take advantage and prevent him from driving his hip to the ring or hitting his face with his hand when hitting.

Players who are used to dunks or throws from a long distance will like the animation of Jason Tatum. This is deceptive on the one hand, fast on the other, and gamers can go racing immediately after completing the maneuver.

Moving behind your back

Up to 6ft 5in Kyrie Irving 6ft 5in – 6ft 10in Kyrie Irving 6ft 10in + Normal

Players of medium and short stature will like Kyrie Irving’s techniques not only because they are fast, but also because they are bad at deceiving defenders, showing off these fantastic game icons in the process. This style goes hard one way and then is ready to sprint in the opposite direction. Big men are limited only by the basic peaks, of which the Normal movement from behind is performed the fastest.

Moving Backs

Up to 6ft 5in Joel Embiid 6ft 5in – 6ft 10in Joel Embiid 6ft 10in + Joel Embiid

Again, Joel Embiid knows how to move around the ball. The trick with moving rotation is that the player makes a turn without changing the direction of the ball, and at the end of this turn chooses whether to continue straight, move left or right. Speed is crucial, as movement will only momentarily confuse defenders.

Moving vibrations

Below 6ft 5in Luka Doncic 6ft 5in – 6ft 10in Luka Doncic 6ft 10in + Luka Doncic

Indecision is one of the few cases when players with the ball slow down to destroy the opponent’s defense. After stopping, players reset the drive, freeing themselves to drive in another lane or turn off and show what an incredible shooting icon is capable of. Luka Doncic stops completely and leaves the door open for any choice, overcoming hesitation.

Moving margins

Up to 6 ft 5 in Chris Paul 6 ft 5 in – 6 ft 10 in Chris Paul 6 ft 10 in + Vince Carter

Taking steps back is like hesitating in a strategy, but instead of moving forward, the idea is to step back. This does not mean that the player cannot then go forward again, it simply lures the defender either to overcompensate back, or to the fact that he cannot recognize the retreat, giving the player with the ball a free kick.

Chris Paul and Vince Carter are good choices. They are quick to execute the reception, so if there is only a short window when the defender is knocked down, they should be able to execute a quick, perfect non-standard throw in no time.

Triple Threat Styles

Up to 6ft 5in Devin Booker 6ft 5in – 6ft 10in Devin Booker 6ft 10in + Devin Booker

Those looking for the hilarious triple threats of last year’s WNBA will be momentarily disappointed, but don’t give in to despair.


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