NBA 2K 23: The Best game icons


Modern basketball analytics has changed the game in many ways. The three-point ball has become more popular than ever, thanks to the findings that shooting on the perimeter helps teams win more than being inside. This has been widely publicized. Less advertised, but equally present, is the ability of the pass and its contribution to winning games. It’s very similar to NBA 2K23.

Of course, playmaking is not just about passing. Dribbling, speed and shots are all components of what it means to be a great playmaker. Those who receive the perfect playmaker badges in NBA 2K23 will find that their teams tend to perform better when they are on the court.

The best icons for all players
Common floor

Teammates get an increase in their attacking stats when that player is in the game. Hall of Fame Requirement: 86 passing accuracy

Making other players look good on the floor has nothing to do with handing out new Dr. Disrespect cosmetics. It’s about improving their statistics. Floor General is an incredibly great badge that boosts everyone else’s badges, and each team should have one player with this badge at the Hall of Fame level.


When passing through a tight window between defenders, the player’s passability increases. Hall of Fame Requirement: 92 passing accuracy

If everything looks lively in a new and improved city, imagine how crowded these windows look on the court. Tossing an overturned ball is never fun, and every player can benefit from the fact that this mistake will occur less often. Turnover can ruin the game, here everyone who passes regularly needs a few badge points.

Break Starter

After capturing the protective shield, deep passes on the court are more accurate. Passes must be made quickly after picking up the defense. Hall of Fame Requirement: 86 passing accuracy

Each player must break the boards for rebounds, except for one defender who can start the break. Since most players have these rebounds happen five to ten times per game, why not turn them into immediate points by hitting someone on the court and wide?

The best badges for security guards
Ankle Destroyer

When performing indentations and other certain techniques, the defender often stumbles or falls with an incorrect bite. Hall of Fame Requirement: 81 Ballpoint Pen

Dribbling does not often force players to become the next athlete from the cover of a special issue, unless it leads to sending another player to the floor. If the defender stumbles for even a second, slashers and three-pointers can immediately make a move without any resistance.


On half of the court, Dimer passes to open shooters give an increase in the percentage of shots. Hall of Fame Requirement: 85 Passing Accuracy

Whether it’s bragging about the best badges for finishing after hitting the bucket or draining long bombs from behind the arc, it’s only a matter of time before the defense covers the player twice. When this happens, go to the open person and get almost guaranteed help with the Dimer icon.

Killer combos

Improves the player’s ability to combine effective triple moves when evaluating an opponent. Hall of Fame Requirement: 97 Ball Pen

By connecting the dribbles in a chain, opponents are more likely to seize on the fake and leave the player open to lead or throw. A smooth combination of these movements will allow you to deceive more people and computer opponents, giving playmakers a free look at the basket.

Pens for a few days

The player gets less energy when performing consecutive dribbling movements, which allows him to chain combos faster and longer. Hall of Fame Requirement: 99 Ball Pen

Nothing drains stamina as quickly as running the ball. Even a full sprint up and down the court cannot affect such a loss of endurance. To compensate for this, take Handles For Days and perform triple movements without having to lie down on the bench every two minutes.

The best icons for slashers

It is more difficult for defenders to knock the ball out due to interception attempts. Hall of Fame Requirement: 95 Post Control or 95 Ball Handle.

Those who look at the best shooting badges and try to take threes in addition to the chopping ones will also receive functionality from the Unbreakable badge. Opponents will try to knock the ball out. Without Unpluckable, this happens on a frightening number of disks up to the ring.

Clamp release

Improves the player’s ability to fend off contact, protect the ball and control opponents as a ball player. Hall of Fame Requirement: 96 Ball Pen

All the veterans of this series are more than familiar with this terrible animation that presses defenders to the hips of ball managers who are faster than them.


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