NBA 2K 23: The best Galaxy Opal cards in MyTeam, rating


It’s not financially feasible to get every Dark Matter card in the game, but if dedicated players play long enough, they may end up filling their team with Galaxy Opal cards in NBA 2K23. This may be a more sensible move for those who don’t want to sell their car, as an elite team is better than any superstar.

Even if players intend to go the slow and steady way of getting every Galaxy Opal card in NBA 2K23, the question still remains which ones to look for first. It’s hard to make such incredible ranking cards, but looking at the icons and attributes, some of them stand out from the rest.

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6 Patrick Ewing

Gamers who are trying to create the perfect center will, to some extent, want to model their assembly on the Ewing model. Ewing perfectly balances offensive and defensive abilities, threatening regardless of which end of the court he is on.

Ewing shows himself best in attack when he is in a stand. After he increased the number of points and playmakers last year, this makes him the dominant card. Teams with weak centers are always prone to a bad game. Ewing will never let that happen while he’s in the lineup.

5 Jimmy Butler

A perfect 99 protection rating is a huge advantage for online gamers. Gamers can take every hit and pass on offense, but they can’t play for every defender. Jimmy Butler has 99 in defense, which makes him a very sought-after card. But his 99 seems more important than most.

As a light forward, Butler has to play against the most unpredictable and most athletic players in the game. They can be shooters, slashers, playmakers, or a combination of all three. Few cards can stop any strategy, but Butler can do it.

4 Clyde Drexler

When students of the game think about Clyde Dresler, they can’t help but note that he was the best dunker of his generation. True to his reputation, his card has the best finishing cards for jam masters and slashers capable of driving into the ring from the perimeter as an attacking defender.

If the opponents somehow manage to cover him, then his pass will remain with the point guards. His 99 attacks speak for themselves. But his defense doesn’t cause ridicule either, as he has some great shots that stop anyone trying to score from the inside.

3 Gilbert Arenas

Gilbert Arenas firmly belongs to the category of cars with gasoline and without brakes. His defense won’t ruin the game with just three badges and a 92 rating, but that’s not what Arena-using players expect from him. They want points in any number of ways.

He has the best shooting badges, half of the total available at the Hall of Fame level. He can also strike inside when the defense suppresses from the outside or passes it. As a point guard in charge of the offense, no one does it better, and he proves that his rating is 99 on this half of the court.

2 Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis is a universal card with two or more Hall of Fame badges in each category. This culminates in his elite defense/rebound badges. After seeing this, it is no longer surprising how he got a maximum of 99 in his defense.

At 6 feet 10 inches tall, he has a tall build for a powerful forward. Use this as leverage against his competitors at the attacking end of the court. Lift him up or cut him in with his speed rating of 87, ridiculously high for someone of his stature. Davis.

1 Chris Paul

When basketball fans think about Chris Paul, they are most likely thinking about his games and shots. They certainly won’t be disappointed with his Galaxy Opal card, as he has all but three gameplay and shooting icons at gold level or higher.

He is not a fool either in defense or in chopping blows. Its speed is 97 77 770 700 700 There is absolutely unsurpassed, since any other point guard cannot get around it. It should be noted that his offense as a whole is rated as a perfect 99, so he scores well when possible.

NBA 2K23 is already available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.


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