NBA 2K 23: The Best Dunker Build


In the past, NBA 2K23 allowed you to get the maximum speed rating and at the same time be 6 feet 5 inches tall, which was ideal for throwing dunks. in general). So now gamers will have to balance speed and the ability to achieve results.

This build is designed solely for entertainment and maximizing the possibilities of slam dunks in the NBA 2K23. This is by no means the best build for a point guard, attacking defender or any other position. Use this guide to have a great time, especially against AI opponents, those who compete at the highest levels will want to round this formation significantly.

Body Settings

Height 6 feet 5 inches Weight 178 pounds Span 7 feet 2 inches
Play point guard

It turned out that 6ft 5in is still the ideal height, just for different reasons than before. This is the lowest player a player can be, and he still scores a perfect 99 feet when it comes to throwing from above. You can be higher, but it’s a penalty. the speed is not less than 3.

To achieve a higher speed and acceleration by one point, here players will need to shave two centimeters to the height. This has obvious problems at first glance, but the most problematic element is the drop of dunks from the drive to 4 and dunks from the spot to 24. It’s not worth it. At this height, it’s better for players to try to become the perfect attacking defender than a dunker.

Possible attributes

Close-range shot 60 Throwing 79 Leading dunk 99 Standing dunk 44 Post-control 25 Mid-range throw 25 Three-point throw 25 Free throw 50 Pass accuracy 58 Ball handle 88 Speed with the ball 93 Internal defense 25 Perimeter defense 65 Interception 30 Block 44 Rebound in Attack 40 Rebound in defense 49 Speed 95 Acceleration 95 Strength 29 Vertical 99 Endurance 99

The attributes of the playmaker are quite high, but this is only a minor part of this build. Speed with the ball is indicated as a game attribute, and it is extremely important that the point guards drive up to the ring to make an epic strike. It really helps when the defense collapses on the paint and the point guard needs to get out of the jam, so this is a good area of functionality to build.

Obviously, finishing is the most important thing here. Powerful forward builds can invest more in standing dunks when retreating in a rack, and there is some value in big man dunks for those who want them. But this type of finisher is more suitable for high-speed dunks from afar.


Finishing Poster (Hall of Fame), Limitless Range (Hall of Fame), Slippery (Gold) Shooting No Playing Fast First Pitch (Hall of Fame), Clip Break (Gold), Unbreakable (Gold), Killer Combos (Bronze), Ankle Breaker (Bronze) Defense/Rebound Without Ball Peste (Silver), Dodger Rush (Bronze)

Although there are only three completion badges, these are the best completion badges in the game when it comes to a dunk. Two Hall of Fame badges, a Posterizer and Limitless Range, make massive dunks over opponents highlights. Slippery helps players overcome traffic jams and find a free lane.

Surprisingly, there are more badges in playmaking that help dunkers do what they do than there are finishers’ badges. Four of the five chosen options help the point guards break through to the ring, confusing the defenders. Non-downloadable allows players to retrain the controls while they make this lightning-fast drive.


Primary slasher with takeover Secondary playmaker with takeover

There is nothing surprising here, this assembly is completely gas-powered and without interruptions. Discard any semblance of defensive prowess and choose a Slasher and a Playmaker, two attacking options. Slasher will help players bypass the defense and find themselves in a situation where there is only them and the ring.

Best Teams to play as a light Forward: NBA 2K23: Best teams to play as a light forward

The playmaker uses some of these elite game icons. Instead of focusing on assists, take advantage of dribbling. As soon as the opponent makes one wrong move, rush past him and get ready to make a spectacular dunk that will make the fans talk.

The best team to play with

There are several teams that the point guards should think about playing for. When choosing a team, try to find one in which the starting point guard has a rating below 80, and the rest of the team is solid, mostly 80 or 90. Uniquely for dunkers, they will also want to have a team with a low-quality center, as this opens up their goal line.

It’s hard to think of a better place to land than the Clippers. John Wall is only 78 years old, and it’s easy to beat him in the starting lineup. Ivica Zubac will not apply for participation in the painting. And all attackers prefer to deal damage from a distance, rather than from close range. They are also excellent passers, so if the opponent’s assessment does not work, pass, open up, and then drive up to the counter.

NBA 2K23 is already available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.


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