NBA 2K 23: The best build of an attacking defender


Players who want to build an attacking defender know what is expected of them. It is assumed that they should be the main scoring mechanism for the team, as well as stop the main scorer of the other team. However, there is no consensus on how to do this; Michael Jordan and Klay Thompson are great at it, and their styles are not similar to each other.

This build is excellent, but you also need to consider the preferences and composition of the team. No player will succeed with a build that doesn’t fit NBA 2K23. Feel free to take this guide and adjust it based on these factors, or abandon it entirely if you want to go from a different angle.

Body Settings

Height 6 feet 3 inches Weight 199 pounds Wingspan 6 feet 4 inches

It’s time to use the classic “Three and D” build, which has become even stronger in this year’s NBA 2K23 release. In the past, achieving a perfect 99 points on three-point shots meant sacrificing speed, height and defense, resulting in a dumb player being tragically one-dimensional.

Now, despite the fact that this build does not pose a threat inside and does not collect the best badges for completion, this player will be able to easily open around the perimeter. Opponents will also be confused by how this build tramples slashers or shooters with protection.

Attribute Potential

Close throw 66 Making a throw 31 Leading Dunk 25 Standing dunk 25 Post-control 25 Mid-range throw 96 Three-point throw 99 Free throw 74 Pass accuracy 26 Ball handle 51 Speed with the ball 44 Interior defense 38 Perimeter defense 97 Interception 62 Block 25 Rebound in Attack 25 Rebound in defense 52 Speed 94 Acceleration 90 Strength 47 Vertical 65 Endurance 99

Some players may disagree with the extremely low pass and dribble abilities of the defender, but this has absolutely nothing to do with the build. Run to open up from the ball, take the ball clean and throw. Do not make risky passes, if there is no throw, make a simple pass to the top of the arc back to the point guard, who really has all the best playmaker badges.

From here everything is upside down. The defense will not let the slashers pass by, and the shooters will not be able to open, even with screens. Speed is useful on both sides of the ball. It’s easy to open up in an attack, then these attributes take over and it becomes difficult to miss from a long distance.


Giant Killer (Bronze), Fearless Finisher (Bronze), Catch & Shoot Style Shooting (Hall of Fame), Angle Specialist (Hall of Fame), Blinders (Hall of Fame), Sharp Eye (Hall of Fame), Volume Shooter (Hall of Fame)), Slippery Off-Ball (Hall of Fame), Game Organization No Defense/Rebounding Clips (Hall of Fame), Pick Dodger (Hall of Fame)

The highlight of this build is the shooting badges, all of which are included in the Hall of Fame. Since the attacking defender doesn’t have to worry about the shots due to the ball handling, this means that it all comes down to the icons used here. Players who get even a small margin when receiving the ball will find that they completely eliminate any chances of the defense to catch up thanks to the “Blinds” and “Good Eye”.

The defensive game is not flashy, but solid. These two icons are some of the best defense/rebound icons available. They will prevent the penetration of hacking guards, as well as render and try to shield pointlessly against this build.

The completion badges were only provided because of the attribute boost elsewhere, don’t try to use them in the game.


Primary Takeover Watcher Secondary Takeover lock defender

The only innovation that is not used here is Shot Creator, which completely increases the number of throws from dribbling. It is completely useless for the build, so do not blame it for the other two, which better emphasize the perfect shooting icons from the previous section.

Spot Up Shooter is an obvious choice, as it benefits in all situations like “grab and shoot”. Lockdown Defender is an unexpected, but necessary ability for this build, since attacking defenders face the task of fighting the opponent’s top scorer in each game. This will help slow them down.

The best team to play with

There are several teams that claim to be the best team to play as an attacking defender. When choosing a team, try to find one in which the starting player in the attacking defender position has a rating below 80, and the rest of the team is solid, mostly 80’s or 90’s.

Bucks is a clear and simple choice to build. Wesley Matthews is the worst player in the starting lineup at any position. His 72 will be bypassed almost immediately, clearing the way for the player to get off to a fast start. After that, the rest of this team is fully ready for the next championship race.

NBA 2K23 is already available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.


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