NBA 2K 23: The best badges for shooting NBA 2K 23: The best badges at the finish


When it comes to basketball, nothing lifts fans out of their seats like a slam dunk. In NBA 2K23, there is almost nothing more enjoyable than finishing at the rim. Opponents are trying to prevent this shot, so when it happens, the subsequent good mood is well deserved.

The other team, as already mentioned, will do everything possible to prevent this. They are more likely to allow an uncontested three-point throw than a high-percentage throw without a defender. With the right finishing badges in NBA 2K23, even elite inside defenders are pretty much powerless against a good drive.

The best icons for big
The Punisher

Allows players to achieve more success than usual when retreating from the defender when placing. Hall of Fame requirements: 87 post-control or 94 strength.

Everyone knows how big players prefer to score; right at the edge. No amount of Dr. Disrespect cosmetics can compensate for weak shots from afar. To move straight to the ring, make the most of the Backdown Punisher and watch how even the strongest opponents allow you to make dunks standing up when approaching.


Improves the player’s ability to initiate contact and get to the ring when idle attempts. Hall of Fame Requirements: Strength 95

While the side dunkers will make some accurate throws when they use their elite shooting badges, the big players will have to fight through contact with every throw they make. As a result, Bully gives them more chances to make every attempt they make throughout the game.


Improves the player’s ability to successfully complete the game at the ring, especially over smaller defenders. Hall of Fame Requirements: 95 shots at close range

As a big one, most of the players who will try to defend against the player will be shorter. Masher turns their weak attempts into mincemeat, as the big ones easily bypass them. This icon is good because it allows big players in the early game to make most of their throws, even with pathetic attributes.

The best icons for slashers

Attempts at rotation, half-rotation, jump step, eurostep, cradle, reverse step and shot change receive a significant boost. In addition, the ability to beat defenders with these fees has been improved. Hall of Fame Requirements: 94 Driving downtime

Regardless of whether you are playing on the main stage or in a new and improved city, downtime will account for most of the points for successful teams. Those who come close sometimes get a big dunk, but most often agree to a clean layup. Any enhancement of this style can be considered as a direct increase in points.

Fearless Finisher

Enhances the player’s ability to absorb contact and at the same time complete the strike. It also reduces the amount of energy lost due to contact stacking. Hall of Fame requirements: 93 melee shots or 96 idle driving.

The reason why downtime happens more often than dunks is that the defender will interfere with making an easy hit. Those who want to become an athlete from the cover of a special issue can’t just count on making their way to the top. They will need to improve these pin pads to get any number of points worth mentioning.

Giant Killer

Increases the percentage of shots when trying to miss a mismatch with a higher defender and reduces the likelihood of blocking. Requirements for admission to the Hall of Fame: 77 shots from close range or 80 downtime at the wheel.

Slashers are basically security guards who drive inside. It goes without saying that the forwards and defenders who defend the inside will be more than by a small margin. Blocking and missed shots are a frequent result for this tactic, so all slashers must have at least one badge point in Giant Slayer to solve this problem.


Increases the player’s ability to slide through traffic, protect the ball from theft and avoid contact during rebounds and finishes at the ring. Requirements for entering the Hall of Fame: 99 driving points or 98 driving points.

Three advantages in one icon are already of great value, and any of these bonuses will make the choice worthy of the list. Hitting defenders is clearly critical for slashers against fast guards. Protecting the ball during these races is wise, since so many undressing animations were added last year. And avoiding contact contributes to clean downtime, perhaps even turning them into dunks.

The best icons for mail players
Dream Shake-up

Fakes after a move have more chances to stun the defender. In addition, shot attempts after false posts, shimmies and false shots have an increased percentage of shots. Requirements for the Hall of Fame: 86 post-control

Last year, post-scoring made a sharp leap forward to catch up and surpass other methods of betting on the ball in the basket. Those who watched the trailer for the game once again saw some post-moves in action.


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