NBA 2K 23: The best Amethyst cards in MyTeam, ranked


Only the most dedicated gamers will be able to unlock the best Dark Matter cards in NBA 2K23 by faithfully playing. Most people with these cards will have to fork out for a lot of cash. But a whole team of 90+ players? Yes, this is something gamers can do in a month or two.

The trick is to know who to target. Players need to balance the savings of someone dear with investments in the team to speed up the savings process. It is recommended to spend the first month of My Team in NBA 2K23 to receive these cards.

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10 Fred Jones

Fred Jones has all the characteristics of a light forward as tall as an attacking defender. This puts the players in an interesting predicament, as his height of 6 ft 4 in seems to indicate that he should move to a secondary position in order to make the most of it.

Light forwards have to do a little bit of everything, but no one is saying that attacking defenders can’t do the same. Look, after all, at Michael Jordan. With at least one gold badge in each category and a Limitless Takeoff badger inducted into the Hall of Fame, players can move it freely and know that Jones will succeed wherever he is.

9 Zion Williamson

At 6 feet 6 inches tall, Zion Williamson may be a little short when it comes to power forwards, but he makes up for it with his athletic abilities. and strength.

This is highlighted by his attacking prowess at the end. He has all the finish badges in the game, as well as the Limitless Takeoff Hall of Fame badge. Whether it’s dunks or getting close with some rack kicks, only full power can hold back the damage that Williamson is capable of.

8 Marcus Smart

The problem with most point guards, even with excellent Galaxy Opal cards, is that they tend to be very bad defensively. Even the best are hardly superstars in this field. Marcus Smart is a breath of fresh air as he gets a sky—high 96 points for his defense.

All but one of his gold badges are at this end of the court, making him a constant threat to steal the ball for a few quick break points. His Hall of Fame challenger badge, new this year, gives opponents little chance of hitting the target when he’s around.

7 Tyson Chandler

Gamers cannot play all positions in defense at the same time. As a result, they tend to prefer cards with high defensive characteristics to compensate for the lack of full control on that side of the ball. This is most relevant for protecting the paint with the center.

Tyson Chandler is the hallmark of this mentality. It’s still good at finishing with an all-red interior and some great trim badges, but what overshadows the show is the 95-rated protection. The cherry on top of all this is the Hall of Fame anchor badge.

6 Julius Randle

Julius Randle has all the trim badges except two that fiercely proclaim their presence in the interior. All of his attributes when it comes to melee performance are at least 80, so his attributes support his style of play.

One of the most important things to pay attention to regarding Randle is his red zone from all points inside. Many hitters prefer to use their right or left hand, but Randle is quietly abusing his top-level finisher badges no matter which side he comes from.

5 Kevin Love

Kevin Love is already a problem because of his height of 6 feet 10 inches as a strong forward. If this advantage is not enough, pay attention to his uniform distribution of badges for throws, completion, playing and defense/selection.

His Hall of Fame badge in post-playmaking ensures that when he does not score himself from the post, he will pass to an open man who can easily score. This is one of the best game icons in the game and should be used at every opportunity.

4 Andre Drummond

Andre Drummond aims to be the perfect build for the center, investing only in defense and completion of the game. Apart from these two, he only has one silver badge when it comes to shooting or playing. It’s not versatile, but that’s the advantage of this card.

As a clean center, gamers need someone who protects the inside and scores from close range. His rebounds in offense and defense are 92+, which allows gamers to make riskier shots, knowing that they have a good chance of a second attempt.

3 Chris Mullin

Players who try to create the best build of three-point shooters will be thrilled with what Chris Mullin is capable of. In addition to the Comeback Kid, Mullin has all the shooting badges in the game at gold level or higher, as well as a “Catch and Shoot” badge at the Hall of Fame level.

Apart from shooting at close range, he has 89 or better in all shooting categories. He is primarily listed as a lightweight forward, but at 6 feet 7 inches tall, move him to an attacking defender for a more interesting mismatch.

2 Stephen Curry

Are you ready for a completely non-shocking fact? The Stephen Curry Amethyst card is really good at shooting. Not only does he have the best shooting badges, he has all the shooting badges. Each of them has a silver or higher rating, and its culmination is the “Catch and Shoot” Hall of Fame badge.

He has a completely red zone from everywhere outside the arc. Curry is the best three—point shooter in the history of the NBA, and those who have this card should inform their opponents in advance and often that this is true.

1 John Stockton

If players are going to create a better point guard build, they should use the John Stockton template. Of the five statistics measured in the NBA, Stockton leads in two of them all-time (voice transmissions and interceptions). His card justifies the hype.

None of his playing and throwing qualities are lower than 87, which is really not bad for a point guard. Tie his “Unbreakable” badge at the Hall of Fame level, and he will become a handler who can tick off the best point guards at any time.

NBA 2K23 is already available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.


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