NBA 2K 23: Contact Dunk Requirements


When choosing dunks packages, there are some bright and funny dunks when it’s just the player and the rim. NBA 2K23 understands that this is a video game, and gamers should enjoy it. These dunk packs bring fun and excitement to the screen pad.

But contact dunks in the NBA 2K23 are the whole thing. It’s really funny to posterize a bad defender, but the defender in the position will most often block the ball or turn a dunk into a low-quality throw. By fulfilling the correct requirements for contact dunks, players can hit the ball on the cabin in motion.

Professional Contact Dips Two

Dank driving 84+

The best finishing icons are still as effective as their animation is effective. Professional Contact Drops Two will satisfy many players who need a strong finish, not just a quick one. Slashers with an abnormally high strength value will have a chance to succeed in this case.

Professional Contact Dips One

Dank driving 84+

Despite the fact that it sounds like a Professional Contact Disables Two and has the same requirements, the choice between them makes sense. Looking at the animation, it becomes clear that this is more for an elite and dexterous dunker who is focused on bypassing the contact, and not on hitting the forehead.

Elite Contact Dips Two

Dank driving 92+

but, but the Elite Contact Dips the Two is definitely an upgrade of the Pro version. The best styles of dunks protect the ball, and these animations make blocks impossible with tomahawks and protection from behind.

Elite Contact Dips One

Dank driving 92+

As expected, Elite Contact Dips One – a quicker and more elusive choice than Elite Contact Dips Two. Perfect point guard builds will gain extra speed compared to the last pick while maintaining extra ball protection.

Small contact dunks from two

Driving a Dunk 86+ Height up to 6 feet 5 inches

Guards often get stuck shooting from an arc with a perfect custom jumper, but slashers still have it great. Any dunk of the two may seem out of place for small players, but in Little Contact Disables Two there are several unique base dunks for those who like to start their punches from the corner, and not always from the top of the key.

Small contact dunks from one

Driving a Dunk 86+ Height up to 6 feet 5 inches

is its verticality A Small Contact Detaches One is its verticality. Too often, protecting the ball means slowing down and being slow. However, defending by keeping the ball out of reach is just as good, allowing players to maintain their speed by keeping the ball out of reach.

Dunks about Bigman

Dank standing 80+ Height at least 6 feet 10 inches

Note that the requirement has shifted from dunks in motion to dunks standing in addition to increasing the size. The good part of these animations is that they are both different from one and two, so players can choose whether they want to cut through or get close. There are also some post-dunks for real heavyweights.

Elite Bigman contact dunks

Dank standing 90+ Height at least 6 feet 10 inches

There’s a ten-point difference between the last standing dunk and this one. Additional requirements for a standing dunk buy players some dirty posterizing punches thanks to the absurd verticality. Those who try to prevent this dunk most often end up on the floor.

NBA 2K23 and, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.


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