NBA 2K 23: Best Central Build


Not so long ago there was a time when it seemed that the center would become a relic of a bygone era. Then these big players added passes and throws to their already impressive finishes and defense. Now, the talk about MVP has been dominated by centers like Nikola Jokic and Joel Embiid for several years in a row. It is wise to find an assembly that acquires its own personality, like these two.

This build is excellent, but you also need to consider the preferences and composition of the team. No player will succeed with a build that doesn’t fit NBA 2K23. Feel free to take this guide and adjust it based on these factors, or abandon it entirely if you want to go from a different angle.

Body Settings

Height 6 feet 9 inches Weight 242 pounds Wingspan 7 feet 7 inches

There is a lot of scientific research behind this type of physique. With a height of 6 feet 9 inches and a maximum wingspan, this is the shortest player that can be, and at the same time block the tallest opponents in the game. Why choose the lowest, and not join the high players? Speed. Speed is important for the centers.

Those who play this game know that protecting the inside is hard work. Blocking one player is easy, but the centers should be a “help” when there is a leak. This size and weight gives players the opportunity to thwart any blow and at the same time be as fast as possible. Stretchers will want to get the best shooting icons available and replace finishing with shooting, but for this they will have to sacrifice speed and protection.

Attribute Potential

Close range shot 67 Throwing 80 Driving Dunk 76 Standing dunk 51 Post-control 25 Mid-range throw 28 Three-point throw 25 Free throw 29 Pass accuracy 86 Ball handle 58 Speed with the ball 35 Internal defense 99 Perimeter defense 82 Interception 82 Block 99 Rebound in Attack 99 Rebound in defense 99 Speed 79 Acceleration 72 Strength 74 Vertical 91 Endurance 98

At first glance, it is clear that this assembly takes protection and selection seriously, giving a maximum of 99 points to everything related to internal protection. This is the advantage of the assembly, and it makes this center a favorite among any team they play in.

But do not sleep at the draw or at the finish. The accuracy of the pass is even better than that of many defenders. When it comes to finishing at the rim, these stats are enough to unlock the perfect finish icons for that position.


Completion Giant Killer (Hall of Fame), Slippery (Silver) Shooting No Acting Starting Break (Hall of Fame), Revenue (Gold) Defense/Rebound Anchor (Hall of Fame), Boxing Monster (Hall of Fame), Brick Wall (Hall of Fame), Chase Down Artist (Hall of Fame), Rebound Chaser (Hall of Fame)

This assembly should install screens and then run to the hoop for a potentially open layup. In Giant Slayer, as soon as the center steps on the opponent (this has become easier with Slithery), the center can rush to the ring and score higher opponents, especially those who are not in position.

The protection and selection icons, as expected, are a highlight. The brick wall is not only cruel on the screen, but also sucks the energy out of opponents. Go ahead and post messages without the intention of shooting from time to time to get the starter out of the game as soon as possible.

There are only two game icons, but these are the two best game icons in the game. After capturing the rebound (which will happen often), throw the ball into the breaking defense. This will hit them on the go for an easy quick breakout.


Primary rim guard Secondary receiving glass cleaner

The only option that is not selected is Playmaker, which is useful for guards, but not really for this build. The only pass that this center has to make is to completely open up teammates on the court, so increasing their percentage of shots is unnecessary.

Rim Protector uses these top-notch defense/rebound icons, giving the character even more block animations and ways to keep the ball from getting close to the ring. The glass cleaner is also a smart choice as it shows the players exactly where the missed ball will land. This leads to moments of extreme rebounds in attack that would normally fall into the hands of another team. Allies will be happy to know that they can more freely throw three-point shots, given the high probability of recovering a miss.

The best team to play with

There are several teams that claim to be the best team to play in the center. When choosing a team, try to find one in which the starting player in the center has a rating below 80, and the rest of the team is solid, mostly 80’s or 90’s.

The Hornets stand out automatically because Mason Plumlee is the worst starting center in the game, so players will get the starting job very quickly.


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