NBA 2K 23: Badges for Best Defense/Rebound


While some players may choose NBA 2K23 to become the next Kobe Bryant or Steph Curry, others prefer to play the role of John Stockton or Hakeem Olajuwon. Interceptions and blocks cause the same excitement as the alley, they just don’t happen as often.

Those who want to increase the frequency of these tipping games will invest in some protection and rebounding badges. NBA 2K23 allows players to choose their favorite badges, but it’s impossible to get them all, so players will have to choose their favorite ways to block the other team.

The best badges for interior defenders

Increases the player’s ability to block punches and defend the ring at a high level. Hall of Fame Requirements: 99 blocks

The trademark badge of any competent inside defender blocking shots not only looks as cool as Dr. Disrespect’s new equipment, but also prevents the ball from getting into the basket. Pay attention to the second part of the description; even if the ball is not blocked, the icon still spoils the trajectory of counter strikes.

Rebound Chaser

Improves the player’s ability to track rebounds from a greater distance than usual. Hall of Fame requirements: 99 rebounds on offense or 99 rebounds on defense.

Many elements of NBA 2K23 are new for this year’s release, right down to the improved city. But some things never change, including the effectiveness of rebounds. At least four players must break the boards with each shot. Those with the Rebound Chaser badge will win more often than not.

Brick wall

Increases the effectiveness of screens, it is difficult to retreat in a stand and sucks energy from opponents during physical contact. Hall of Fame Requirements: 99 internal protection or 94 strength

It’s hard enough to stop a strong defender with the best finish badges available. But Brick Wall goes far ahead, performing three tasks at once. The shielding is huge in all modes, so the guards in the team will appreciate it. It is important to keep a firm position at the post office, especially considering that there have been significant improvements in this position in the past year. And energy depletion alone makes this badge worth it, as it sends starters to the bench in a hurry.

Pogo Stick

Allows players to recover quickly and get up for a new jump when landing. This can be after a rebound, a block attempt, or even a jump shot. Hall of Fame requirements: 98 blocked shots, 99 rebounds in attack or 99 rebounds in defense.

Everyone wants to believe that they will be perfect, calculating every jump and every block at the right moment. But if that were true, the fakes would be useless, and the physics of basketball would be meaningless. Recovery from erroneous jumps is of great importance for those who do not want to lose every battle that goes awry.

After blocking

Enhances the player’s ability to effectively defend against strikes in the rack, with an increased chance of undressing the opponent. Hall of Fame Requirements: 93 Internal Defense

As mentioned earlier, the popularity of the post has grown. Last year, it became the most effective strategy among most experts and professional teams. To put an end to this problem, get a Post Lockdown badge and trample on those who try this tactic.

The Best badges for Perimeter Defenders

The frequency of successful transmissions or interceptions increases greatly. Hall of Fame Requirements: 99 Steals

When defenders pass the ball around the perimeter, trying to find an open shot, every move gives the offense a chance to improve its position. This is also a chance for a clever defender to quickly intercept the ball. Players who do not have the best game badges or who carelessly handle the ball become victims of the “Interceptor” badge several times in each game.


Increases the possibility of successful theft from ball players. Hall of Fame Requirements: 99 Steals

While Interceptors take care of the passes, Glove deals with shooters who hold the ball or drive it. The best shooting badges make these opponents deadly. The best way to end the danger is to take the ball away from them before they can strike.


Increases the effectiveness of timely duels with perimeter shooters. Hall of Fame Requirements: 95 Perimeter Protection

At first, this icon may seem superfluous. If the contest was timely, then why would they need this badge? In practice, screens and speed will play a role in this process, and arrows will sometimes have an advantage when it comes to positioning. Even if you’re in a far from perfect position, challenge these punches and make sure the bullying still works.


Defenders have access to faster cut-offs, and they are more successful when bumping into a player with the ball or pushing him with their hip. Hall of Fame Requirements: 97 Perimeter Defense


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