Naya Rivera may have died, they find a body in Lake Piru


The actress crashed while taking a walk with her 4-year-old son. They find the body of Naya Rivera, who would have drowned in Lake Piru , in southern California.

Known for her role as Santana López in the series “Glee”, the actress went to a lake last Wednesday in the company of her 4-year-old son. Both decided to take a boat ride and swim a little; However, the tragedy was present and the boy was found adrift, without her mother, we tell you the details.

According to the TMZ portal, on Monday morning,the police found a body floating on the banks of the Piru river, where Naya Rivera was lost. There were 4 days of searching, with diving equipment and helicopters, even her family joined the rescue mission, with the passing of the days the hope of finding her alive faded.

Despite the fact that the search spread around the area, unfortunately the Ventura County Police Station stated on its Twitter account the finding of the body, according to TMZ sources, This is the victim, although a press conference will be held in the next few hours to give an official statement.

It is believed that Naya may have suffered an accident when she jumped into the water, in addition to being a lake, there is a danger of becoming entangled with the plants at the bottom of the water. Her son was wearing a life jacket and stated that his mother jumped, but never returned.

The body examination is in process to give an official statement about Naya’s death and what was the real reason for her accident.

Naya rose to fame in 2009 with her role as “Santana.” On social networks, fans have sent their condolences to the family, they have also shared messages to remember the actress, who inspired them with her character, dedicating words to her in a last goodbye.

Her son is expected to remain with his father, actor Ryan Dorsey, whom he divorced in 2018.

This is not the first time that fans have suffered a loss, 6 years ago the actor Cory Monteinth died, who was the protagonist of “Glee” and the fiancé of Lea Michele, who has paid tribute to him on his social networks.


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