Navy Ship Facebook Hacked To Stream Age Of Empires


Facebook: That’s exactly what you read in the headline, dear Voxel reader. There were several Age of Empires streams on the Facebook page of a US Navy ship.

I confess to you that my surprise has already started on this part of a ship having a Facebook page. But, it seems, all the great ships of the US Navy have theirs, to share news about the work done there.

The problem is, this week, someone started sharing Age of Empires streams on the USS Kidd ship page. Yes, the classic strategy game that made so many people invest hours and hours creating and growing their civilization in the late 90’s.

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A Navy spokeswoman told the foreign portal Task & Purpose: “The official USS Kidd page has been hacked. We are working with Facebook tech support to resolve this.” The question is, if an official account has been hacked, does it mean that there is a security hole in the US government systems? Or is it that some employee just forgot the account logged in and the “hacker” took the opportunity to steal it?

The whole story is very surreal and you can check out one of the videos here:


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