Naughty Dog works in fantasy game


A few days ago, Neil Druckmann, current president of Naughty Dog and director of the franchise The Last of Us, shared on his Twitter that the company would be working on something “very cool”. He did not provide further information about the game, but an artist from the developer may have indicated the path they took: a fantasy game.

Hyoung Nam, senior conceptual artist at Naughty Dog, has released three new themed fantasy arts, probably taken from the “very cool” project. In Nam’s ArtStation profile, we can admire a woman with a sword on a dragon’s head (probably killed by her), as well as another image depicting a woman with green eyes.

Nam’s three pieces are called “The Women of the North” and seem to indicate that, in fact, the developer is working on a fantasy IP. If these arts are really related to the new project that ND is working on, it would be a big step in the opposite direction of names like Uncharted and The Last of Us.

In October 2020, there was new speculation that the developer was working on new content related to The Last of Us Part II. Derek Phillips, the actor who plays Jerry Anderson (Abby’s father), revealed he was back to capture motion for unannounced content, hence the speculation that the studio was working on something related to the sequel.

Anyway, is there a game coming along the lines of The Witcher out there? Comment below!


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