Naughty Dog will be working multiplayer on PS5


Naughty Dog, the developer studio for The Last of Us game sequel, opened a job vacancy to recruit a professional to assist the company in creating a reward system in an online multiplayer. The vacancy was first pointed out by the Gamespot website, which highlights the title of the position as an economics designer.

The official job offer page gives great focus on online and the economic return of a game development strategy. It is speculated that the company may be interested in implementing loot box systems or a game with the inclusion of cosmetic items.

The professional must also collaborate with other developers to ensure that the economy systems match the game as a whole and direct the production of items thinking about the economic strategy.

Other than that, the position has some requirements:

Have experience in projecting successful savings in multiplayer games for PC or console
Knowledge of how the player’s progression systems and economy systems interact
Understanding player psychology
Understanding narrative tone
Have strong and effective communication skills
Know how to work in an exceptional team
Have robust knowledge in multiplayer action games
With the studio’s history of making exclusives for Sony, everything indicates that the novelty arrives for the PlayStation 5. In addition, there is the possibility that the game will take place in the universe of The Last of Us Part 2, since the studio itself explained that came to consider a multiplayer for the game before its launch.

In a tweet, it was explained that the solo mode from the last game was so ambitious that it made it impossible to launch an online mode together. Anyway, the text reinforces that at some point players will be able to take advantage of the creativity of the Naughty Dog team in an online mode.


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