Naughty Dog Shared The Concept Art of The “Ambitious” Multiplayer Game The Last Of Us


Naughty Dog has released concept art for its upcoming multiplayer game The Last Of Us, and the studio says fans should expect “fun surprises” throughout the year.

In a blog post published today (January 4), Naughty Dog acknowledged that The Last Of Us will turn 10 in June. As a result, the developer says it will be a “big year” for the series, which is getting a TV adaptation on HBO this month.

“Even when he turns 10, it seems that The Last of Us has just begun, and this busy year will certainly show why,” Naughty Dog shared, adding that “he is so happy to share information about the future with you.” this franchise.”

Part of the studio’s plans for the series includes a multiplayer game set in the universe of the series. Although little was known about the game, a new concept art appeared in today’s blog – check it out below.

“We shared the concept art of the project with you for the first time last year, and we hope that this new concept art below will interest you even more in what our team is working on,” the developer shared.

“Later this year, we’ll start offering you some details about our ambitious multiplayer game The Last of Us,” Naughty Dog teased. “With a team led by Vinit Agarwal, Joe Pettinati and Anthony Newman, the project turns into a fresh, new experience for our studio, but based on Naughty Dog’s passion for creating incredible stories, characters and gameplay.”

Pettinati is the creative director of Naughty Dog, and Newman and Agarwal are joint game directors. Back in October, we reported that a spin-off of a multiplayer game could become a free game.

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