Naughty Dog, Poisonous Game Community


Through his social networks, Naughty Dog’s Kurt Margenau issued a statement on abusive behavior in the gaming community against groups considered vulnerable, lamenting recent cases of disrespect and prejudice involving names in the gaming industry.

The dev’s statement was a message in response to an article published on Kotaku, which chronicled the sad trajectory of streamer Emme “Negaoryx” Montgomery after receiving messages of harassment and death threats. According to Margenau, toxicity in particular against women is not uncommon and several cases have occurred frequently in Naughty Dog itself, especially after the release of The Last of Us Part II.

“In my early 20s, I was apprehensive to say that I worked with games because I was too nerdy to impress girls. Now I am apprehensive about this because of the image that the ‘gamer’ audience paints for the world. is to be a woman in this sector “, said Margenau. “I never had my life threatened on Twitter. Never. I was part of a game that made many people VERY angry. I never received a death threat. Who received it? Women, LGBTQ, BIPOC, Jews involved. That’s just part of their life and it sucks. Be better. ”

By exploring sexuality themes, The Last of Us 2 ended up displeasing part of the fans, who spread hatred on social networks and against the game’s producers, including director Neil Druckmann and developer Jan ‘Gabby’ Llanillo.

Unfortunately, abusive behavior has taken on frightening proportions and it is necessary for the entire community to strive to make the gaming environment a much better place for all members.