Naughty Dog: “We Make The Last Touches In The Last of Us: Part II”


A statement about the second game of Last of Us, developed by Naughty Dog, has been published. The studio said that the finishing touches of the second game were made.

The Last of Us game, which was released to PlayStation 3 by Naughty Dog in 2013 and to PlayStation 4 in 2014, managed to get a passing grade from both critics and players, and had many fans looking forward to the second game.

According to the statement from the game’s developer, Naughty Dog, the last touches are also made in The Last of Us: Part II. As the followers of the game world can remember, the release date of the second game was delayed. The release date of the second game, announced on February 21, was withdrawn on May 29.

The Last of Us: Part II
The developer studio Naughty Dog announced the following in the announcement about the development phase of the second game: “We are excited to announce that we have made the final touches in the development of the game and that we were on the last touches of The Last of Us: Part II. Finishing development; took us one step closer to publishing. We know that you have been very patient over the past few years, so it is exciting to see your game take its final shape and we know that you will have it very soon. ”

Naughty Dog also announced that The Last of Us: Part II can be played in PAX East, which will be held in the USA between February 27 and March 1. So that means we can get a lot more about the game in a very short time.

So, what are your expectations from The Last of Us: Part II? You can share your ideas and expectations from the game with us in the comments section.


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