Naughty Dog Already Has a Story For The Last of Us 3, Says Director

Naughty Dog: Sony has yet to announce plans for a possible The Last of Us 3 but Neil Druckmann, director of the franchise’s games, said it already has a story for a future release of the saga. In an interview with the Script Apart podcast, the Naughty Dog member said he expects to see the game in production in the future.

Druckmann revealed that he has already laid out a story for the game with screenwriter Halley Gross. However, the game is not yet in production and the director doesn’t even know if the project will ever be taken off the ground.

“I don’t know how much I can reveal,” said Neil Druckmann. “Halley Gross and I have traced a story, which we are not doing, but I hope the project will see the light of day.” In addition to confirming that Naughty Dog is interested in making The Last of Us 3, the director also commented on a possible direction of the story.

According to Druckmann, the story can explore what happens after The Last of Us Part 2, but there are still discussions about what the game would be like. “We’ll see,” concluded the director.

Sequence challenges

While Naughty Dog is already thinking about The Last of Us 3, the company is also aware that the project is a big challenge. According to Neil Druckmann, making a game of this magnitude is a lot of work.

“These games are very demanding,” explained Druckmann, saying that he spent seven years planning The Last of Us Part 2. According to the director, the franchise is established with two releases, which makes it even more difficult to plan the sequence.

“With two games, some patterns started to emerge,” explains Druckmann. “Now I feel that there are structures and themes that need to continue when making a third game.”

The Last of Us Part 2 was released for PlayStation 4 last year. The franchise’s debut game arrived on the PS3 in 2013, has been remastered for PS4 and, according to rumors, could win a remake on PS5.



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