“If Nature’s Destruction Continues, We Will Face More Deadly Outbreaks”


Scientists who carried out important studies in the field of biodiversity stated that the uncontrolled destruction of the wild world, the main cause of the epidemic, should be stopped quickly. Scientists say we can face more lethal and devastating outbreaks than the coronavirus as a result of the failure to stop.

In a scientific article published in the Guardian newspaper published in the UK, recent outbreaks are said to be the result of human activities, such as global financial and economic systems that place emphasis on economic growth at all costs.

Scientists, who put forward an assertive thesis about what caused the outbreaks, said that we have an opportunity to overcome the difficulties of the emerging crisis and to sow the measures that will prevent future crises.

Josef Bettele, Sandra Diaz and Eduardo Brondizio have signed the most comprehensive work ever on biodiversity in the world with their report last year. Experts stated in their studies that the weakening of the world’s natural life supports endangered humanity.

“Increased human activity enabled the outbreak to spread globally”
Bettele, Diaz and Brondizio, after their report last year, evaluated the new IPSES (Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services). They prepared it with Peter Dazsak.

“The widespread deforestation, the uncontrolled expansion of agriculture, intensive farming, mining and infrastructure development, and finally the exploitation of wild species, created the” perfect storm “for the spread of diseases,” the new assessment made.

Scientists who prepared the assessment explained that increased human activity confronts more people with animals that are the source of 70 percent of diseases. Experts also stated that more people facing animals cause rapidly growing outbreaks due to increased urbanization and global air travel.

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“We may encounter other outbreaks after Covid-19”
Experts say that the coronavirus outbreak may be a beginning in their evaluation. Scientists, who said that if we are not careful about the possible impact of the choices we make today, will occur in the future more frequently and spread faster, these outbreaks will cost more people and lead to greater economic problems.

Reminding that trillions of dollars were prepared for economic recovery during the coronavirus epidemic, scientists stated that these packages should be used to protect and strengthen the environment. “It can be politically beneficial to relax environmental standards and strengthen the intensive agriculture, airline, fossil fuel-dependent energy sectors, but doing so without urgent and radical changes will essentially subsidize the emergence of future pandemics,” the assessment said.

Observation and health services should be adequately funded
Scientists who also made a statement about the “single health” approach said that this approach should be extended. From the participants of the assessment, Dr. Peter Dazsak stated that human health is closely related to wildlife, livestock and environmental health.

Stating that observation and health services should be funded with sufficient resources in countries where the risk of outbreak is high, Dazsak said that these funds will be vital in preventing future global outbreaks.

A statement parallel to the scientists’ assessment came from the United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres last week. Guterres said that governments should start working to create more sustainable and durable societies after the outbreak, using the opportunity we have now.


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