Natti Natasha Drives You Crazy With Her Attributes


Transpired and in the foreground, Natti Natasha drives you crazy with her attributes.
The brunette shows why it is “the hardest.”

Natti Natasha did it again: she goes crazy with her attributes in a video where she shows her skills in the foreground, all transpired after a day of exercises.

It was the same 32-year-old singer who uploaded the images to her stories on Instagram while in the gym, to the delight of her millions of followers.

Meanwhile, Natti continues to prepare her new material which already showed a slight anticipation with “Impatient”, the remix version of her collaboration with Luney Tunes.

The one born in the Dominican Republic was able to appear a few days ago in her homeland, which generated a deep emotion, by accompanying Romeo Santos in “La Gira del Pueblo”.

Natti Natasha and the king of the bachata proved to be a more than successful duo since their song “The best version of me” has just exceeded 140 million visits, as the same artist reported through a post on her Instagram.

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