Native integration in Windows 10 for Skype, video calls


Microsoft will add some shortcuts to the Windows 10 operating system for you to make quick audio or video calls on Skype. To this end, the company included buttons that streamline the use of the messenger’s “Meet Now” feature in one of the new platform updates.

The discovery was made by insider Rafael Rivera, who found the native Skype feature (originally called “Meet Now”) in a Windows 10 taskbar icon. In addition, in the comments of the original tweet, a user confirmed that found the resource also among the results of searches made on the button that is next to the Start Menu.

So far, to create a quick conversation using the feature, you need to open Skype and select the “Join Now” button. The novelty was initially incorporated in the midst of the new coronavirus pandemic, when videoconferencing services boomed with the increased demand for distance classes and meetings.

The feature appeared in Insider Preview Build 20211, recently released to developers, and is not yet predicted to reach the stable version of the platform.

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