Nathan Fielder’s Rehearsal Trailer Reveals Hilarious Premise


The new trailer for Nathan Fielder’s movie “Rehearsal” shows a funny premise presented in the series. A more mysterious teaser trailer for “Rehearsal” was released in June, but it didn’t reveal much of the show’s plot. Fielder is known for his disgusting comedy, as evidenced by his Comedy Central show “Nathan for You,” in which he gives unusual advice to help ordinary people solve their problems.

Now Fielder is posting a trailer for “Rehearsal” on Twitter. The trailer shows Fielder talking to someone, commenting that the conversation is going well, and then shows that he had previously rehearsed this conversation dozens of times. Fielder then offers this service to rehearse a part of his life to different people. Towards the end of the trailer, it is clear that some like the rehearsal process, while others believe that it leads to disaster.

The trailer offers a promising new series that Fielder fans are sure to love and that newcomers to his comedy genre may find at least intriguing because of its initial premise. Fielder takes the urge to remake parts of his life and amplifies it to the point where comedy, absurdity and chaos will coincide among real people in this experiment. Viewers will have to continue to monitor whether details about the “Rehearsal” will appear ahead of the premiere on HBO on July 15.