Nate & Zari will fight in the finale of the 7th season of “Legends of Tomorrow” [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]

Screen Rant has an exclusive clip from the season 7 finale of “Legends of Tomorrow”, which is now the series finale, which highlights the erased scene between the two main characters of the show. 2022 turned out to be one of the most controversial for The CW Arrowverse franchise. Since WarnerMedia and Paramount want to sell the CW, this has caused a shake-up for the beloved DC series. While “The Flash” and “Superman and Lois” were cut for another season, “Legends of Tomorrow” was unfortunately one of three DC series out of luck. While the journey may be over, season 7 of “Legends of Tomorrow” will soon be available to fans on Blu-Ray and DVD from July 19.
In season 7 of Legends of Tomorrow, Sarah Lance and her group of time-traveling heroes tried to escape from 1925 without their beloved Waverider. Towards the end of the 7th season of Legends of Tomorrow, the team managed to leave the past behind, but they were pursued by evil versions of robots. The situation took an even more familiar turn when the A.I. version of Gideon became a big setback for Legends. Although the season 7 finale of “Legends of Tomorrow” was not intended as a series finale, the 13th episode “Knocked Down, Confused” was the last part of the show. One of the important moments was the sudden departure of a long-time legend, when Nate Haywood Nick Zano left the “Waverider” after 6 seasons.
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In the aired version of the season 7 finale of Legends of Tomorrow, Nate completed the last mission at the cost of his steel powers. Since he could no longer perform on the field, Nate left the superhero and decided to leave the team — but still be, so to speak, close. In “Knocked Down, Pregnant”, Nate decides to live with the original Dawn of Tala Ash (who lives inside the Aerial Totem), and is last seen entering it, marking Zano’s last scene in Legends of Tomorrow.
However, what the audience couldn’t see was a cut—out scene, which Screen Rant is happy to share exclusively, about how Dawn reunites with Nate inside the Air Totem and finds out what happened in the field. In the script, when “Legends of Tomorrow” was renewed by The CW for an 8th season, it’s unclear how the series would have handled it, given Zano’s departure from the series. Watch the full scene below, which is sure to touch the heartstrings of many “Legends of Tomorrow” fans.
The Blu-ray and DVD set of the seventh season of “Legends of Tomorrow” will include all 13 episodes of the last year of the show. This deleted scene from “Knocked Down, Pregnant” is just one of several unreleased moments from the last season of “Legends of Tomorrow”, and fans will be able to view several cut scenes that, unfortunately, did not make it to the air. Bonus features also include a gag video and a special moment of the 100th episode of the show “Captain at the Helm: Legends of the District of Columbia Tomorrow, 100 episode”.
At the moment, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has not made any announcement about releasing a full box for Legends of Tomorrow, as they did with Arrow and Smallville. Although “Legends of Tomorrow” is tragic and didn’t end properly, the characters can always reappear in “The Flash,” as this is the only remaining Arrowverse show on Earth-Prime. Despite the cliffhanger in the series finale, the CW will hopefully find a way to bring back “Legends of Tomorrow” for some kind of adventure in the Arrow Universe, whether it’s season 9 of “The Flash” or a possible 10th season.