Natalie Portman spoke about her movie “Thor: Love and Love” Thunder Training


The star of the movie “Thor: Love and ThunderNatalie Portman explains to her the training routine necessary to prepare for a role in the upcoming MCU movie. Portman plays Jane Foster, also known as the Mighty Thor, in the latest Thor movie. The actress previously appeared in roles in the films “Thor”, “Thor: Kingdom of Darkness” and very briefly in “Avengers: Finale”. In Love and Thunder, Portman returns to the MCU to play alongside Chris Hemsworth’s Thor, Chris Pratt’s Peter Quill/Star Lord, Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie, and other actors including Christian Bale, Russell Crowe, and Love and Thunder director Taiki Waititi as Korg.

As the posters and early advertisements show, “Thor: Love and Thunder” is considered to be much more focused on the Mighty Thor than previous Thor films. Screenwriter and director Waititi has stated that this film about Thor relies more on romantic plots than previous films, although it is unclear whether this means a romantic reunion of Thor and Jane or not. It is also clear from early depictions of “Love and Thunder” that Jane wields a hammer in some scenes, although it is not yet clear exactly how this happens in the story.

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Now Portman talks about the intense training that went into the role of Jane Foster. According to Total Film, the understudies in the film “Love and Thunder” “did a very hard job,” but Portman still had to carry considerable weight in terms of physical activity and stunt work. This included working with the weight of the raincoat, which, according to Portman, required some upper body strength. Portman also says she “did all the protein shakes [stuff]” during the extensive training process for Love & Thunder. Check out Portman’s full statement:

“I’ve been training for a long time before and during, and I’ve been taking all the protein shakes [stuff]. It really helped me prepare for the level of action we ended up doing. We had incredible understudies who performed very difficult stunts, but there was still a lot of running, jumping, sword fighting and hammering. It was definitely helpful to be strong. To carry that weight of a raincoat all day, you need upper body strength.”

Even if Portman didn’t do the most intense stunt work, it seems obvious to her that her strength training helped a lot in this process. And it shows. In a raincoat and armored suit, the Mighty Thor Portman looks as strong as Thor on the initial posters and in the trailers for the movie “Love and Thunder”. Although producer Kevin Feige admits that the special effects team slightly increased the height of the Mighty Thor for this role, he claims that this was the only major computer change for the role of Portman. The rest can be attributed to the strict training regime of Portman.

These details about training and training only add to the excitement about the epic scenes that will appear in “Thor: Love and Thunder.” Portman hints at the high “level of action” of the film, offering battle scenes of epic proportions. Waititi expressed great excitement about the return of Jane Foster in the film “Thor: Love and Thunder”, for which he advocated, despite the fact that she did not appear in Waititi’s film “Thor: Ragnarok”. As Portman returns to the role after almost a decade, it remains to be seen what updates and changes Waititi has prepared.