Natalie Portman, Give Powerful Message For Women At The Oscars


The actress showed her support to her colleagues at the 2020 Oscars with a powerful message hidden in her dress.

Without a doubt, the 2020 Oscar Awards are leaving many moments to remember, from the iconic reaction of Billie Eilish to Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig to the controversial interaction between Shia Labeouf and Zack Gottsagen .

However, another character who gave much to talk about at this awards ceremony was Natalie Portman , who wore a hidden message full of girl power in her dress . Read on to discover why everyone is praising the heroic action of the actress on the red carpet of the 2020 Oscar Awards .

Natalie Portman dazzled at the 2020 Oscars from the moment she arrived at the event. The actress paraded the red carpet with pride wearing a black dress with gold embroidery and a Dior cape that matched her outfit. However, Natalie hid something else in her look and was the message of protest against discrimination against women in the film industry.

In the layer that the actress wore with her spectacular dress , the names of those directors who did not receive a nomination for the 2020 Oscar Awards were written . The names of Greta Gerwig , Marielle Heller , Lulu Wang , Lorene Scafaria , among others, were embroidered in gold on the flap of the layer of Natalie .

The actress showed her outrage against the industry for turning her back on her colleagues and not giving recognition to women who worked hard during the last year. The directors of films like ‘ Little Women ‘, ‘ An Extraordinary Friend’ and ‘ Scammers of Wall Street ‘ did not go unnoticed in this award thanks to the message of Natalie Portman .

I wanted to subtly recognize women who were not recognized for their incredible work this year.

The actress’s action also did not go unnoticed in social networks, where many are very proud to see Natalie decide to put up the names of these women. The actress never stays silent when it comes to injustices and this was also demonstrated in the Golden Globes 2018 , where she made a strong comment referring to the injustices in the world of cinema and the entertainment industry in general:

We are honored to present the award to the best director. And here are the nominees, all male.

What do you think of the message that Natalie Portman has decided to send in her dress ? Leave your comment.


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