Natalie Emmanuel Talks About Similarities With Meghan Markle and The Shadow of The Royal Family


In 2019, Mindy Kaling created the brilliant romantic comedy “Four Weddings and One Funeral”, inspired by the masterpiece of Richard Curtis. The film starred none other than the “Game of Thrones” actress and Meghan Markle lookalike Natalie Emmanuel. In the series, she played Maya, who, like the actress, has a lot in common with the Duchess of Sussex. Maya is a dark—skinned woman who is determined to succeed in a male-dominated world.


So she moves to London to find better opportunities. While Maya may have only a few things in common, Emmanuel has almost the same traits as a former senior member of the royal family. Under any photo that the actress publishes herself, most of the comments sound like this: “My God! You look like Meghan Markle,” so, like the Force Majeure graduate, with her Netflix documentary, the actress decided to take the reins into her own hands in 2019.

Natalie Emmanuel criticized the royal family

Given that the show was created by Mindy Kaling, we can all expect there to be some kind of hilarious challenge to patriarchy. Or, in this case, hierarchy and racism.

In the series, Natalie’s character, Maya, jokes that she applied to bait Markle, but was rejected because “the royal family has reached its diversity quota.” This is one of the best phrases in the series, not only because of the subtle shade, but also because Emmanuel’s character admits that she looks like Meghan Markle.

Does Meghan Markle know she has a doppelganger?

In simpler times, when Meghan Markle was an actress of “Force Majeure” and not the force that broke the royal family, as Twitter likes to call her, the actress also referred to Natalie Emmanuel. In one episode, Markle’s character, Rachel Zane, says, “Obviously, I look like a Khaleesi translator or something.” Emmanuel is known for her role in Game of Thrones.

However, Emmanuel has heard the comparison with Meghan Markle too many times and especially expressed her dissatisfaction with the fact that people marked her in photos of random bi-racial women in 2017. Although the actress used to see the resemblance, now she does not see it.

And by improvising a part where she acknowledges the fact that she looks like Markle, Emmanuel took over. The actress said in an interview with Glamour magazine: “It was important for me to have my own control over it, because I constantly hear [that I look like her].” Now that Markle is not a senior member of the royal family, fans are hoping they can play the sisters in the project.

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