Nassim Nicholas Taleb Talks About Bitcoin (BTC) and Cryptos!


The well-known statistician revisited the performance of the number one cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency investors. Bitcoin had more enemies a few years ago, Michael Saylor was one of them and he turned into a crazy Bitcoin fanatic. Taleb is just the opposite, let’s see when he makes his next U-turn.

The Perfect Sucker Game

“Black Swan” author Nassim Nicholas Taleb had to attack Bitcoin once again, claiming that the number one cryptocurrency cannot protect against anything. He described it as a “perfect sucker’s game” in low-interest times. Taleb, who was once a fan of the original cryptocurrency, made a complete U-turn last February, declaring the leading cryptocurrency a failure.

On February 12, the famous mathematician announced that he has started selling his Bitcoin, criticizing the volatility of the flagship cryptocurrency and claiming that it cannot be a viable means of payment after the fall with “Bitcoin Standard” author Saifedean Ammous.

Old Fanatic New Enemy

After Taleb sold all his Bitcoins, the price made two new ATHs. Perhaps this may have exacerbated his pain even more. Taleb hasn’t softened his stance on Bitcoin after angering the cryptocurrency community with his hurtful comments. Last June, he published an article called “Bitcoin, Currencies and Bubbles” in which he presented the bearish status for the largest cryptocurrency.

Taleb, who couldn’t keep up with the pace in July, said that Bitcoin is “a magnet for imbeciles.” It is worth reminding again, that Nassim was holding Bitcoin until February 2021 and was posting praising its decentralized structure.

In December, he said that Bitcoin was a “bulky” and “old” product of low interest rates and predicted it would collapse due to high inflation. Last month, Taleb described Bitcoin as a contagious disease.