NASCAR World Reacts to Kurt Busch’s Disappointing News


After winning the AdventHealth 400 in May, 23XI Racing driver Kurt Busch entered the NASCAR Cup playoffs. But due to injuries that prevented him from performing on the track during the next few weeks leading up to the tournament, Busch had to make an important decision regarding his short-term future.

On Thursday, Bush announced that he realized that he could not fight for the championship in his condition. As a result, he withdraws his request to withdraw from racing and will miss the NASCAR Cup playoffs.

“I have too much respect for the sport of NASCAR, my fellow drivers and fans to take a place in the playoffs if I know I can’t fight for the championship,” Busch said.

NASCAR fans on Twitter were both grateful and saddened by the news. Many show respect for Bush for being willing to give up his seat to a healthier driver, while others are sad to see that he has to leave at all.

44-year-old Kurt Busch won his first Cup title back in 2004. In a 23-year career in the NASCAR Cup, Busch has 34 wins, 339 hits in the top 10 and 28 poles in 776 races.

Therefore, when Michael Jordan’s 23XI Racing decided to add Busch to its team, it was regarded as a major coup for the growing organization.

But it looks like their first real opponent in the NASCAR Cup playoffs this year won’t be.

Will Kurt Busch return to the playoffs in 2023?


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