NASCAR World Reacts to Bubba Wallace’s Unexpected News


Just last week, the NASCAR world learned that Kurt Busch would not participate in the playoffs due to a lingering injury.

Although this news is unpleasant for Bush, it has opened up a unique opportunity for Bubba Wallace. According to a report by NASCAR insider Bob Pokrass, Wallace will take a seat in the No. 45 car in the owners’ playoff.

“With the 23XI car number 45 in the owners’ playoff, Bubba Wallace will drive the number 45 car for the rest of the season,” Pokrass said. “Wallace in ’45 gives the team more experience, and Wallace gets some playoff experience.”

Pokrass also revealed that Wallace will retain Bootie Barker as crew chief until the end of the season.

Fans were somewhat stunned by the news, but many are happy that Wallace will get the opportunity.

“It’s really brilliant performed by Danny and MJ. Takes the pressure off Ty and prepares Bubba for next year, and also gives him the opportunity to race,” said one fan.

Other fans aren’t too sure about the news yet.

“It’s going to be so weird,” one fan said.

“What a strange season. Nothing could have been predicted,” said another fan.

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