NASCAR World Reacts to Bubba Wallace and Kurt Busch’s Decision


Due to an injury, Kurt Busch from 23XI Racing will not be able to get into the car number 45 until further notice, and his teammate Bubba Wallace will drive instead. But what will the team do if Bush is able to return this season?

According to NASCAR insider Bob Pokrass, 23XI team operator Denny Hamlin has made the organization’s position clear. If Bush returns to the team before the end of the season, he will be transferred to Wallace’s No. 23 car, and Wallace will remain in the No. 45 car.

This season, the 23XI car number 45 has worked wonders for the team. Between Busch and Ty Gibbs, the car has one win, five top-five finishes and nine top-10 finishes. Wallace has the same numbers, but twice as many races.

NASCAR fans are a bit ambivalent about this 23XI Racing decision. Some feel this is unfair to Busch, as he was responsible for the success of the car, while others are curious to see if it will cause an internal struggle between the two NASCAR stars.:

If he were healthy, Kurt Busch would represent 23XI Racing in the NASCAR Cup playoffs, albeit with a fairly low chance of winning the title.

Last year, Bubba Wallace recorded his first NASCAR Cup Series win during the playoffs, winning the Yellowwood 500 at Talladega.

Has Wallace earned the right to drive number 45 for the rest of the season, no matter what?


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