NASA’s mission to explore Saturn’s moon postponed


NASA had developed a drone called Dragonfly to gather more information about Saturn’s moon Titan. However, it will have to wait a little longer for this drone to start its mission.

In the statement made by NASA, it was stated that the beginning of the Dragonfly mission was delayed from 2026 to 2027. In the statement, it was stated that the decision to postpone was taken due to “external factors”. Among the factors in question is the global COVID-19 outbreak. It was announced that due to the impact of the epidemic on the Planetary Science Unit’s budget, it was decided to hold the task for another year.

NASA originally planned to send Dragonfly into space in 2025. However, later the start of the mission was postponed to 2026.

It can be said that Dragonfly is an ambitious project. For the first time, NASA will study a space object with a multi-propeller scientific instrument. In addition, for the first time, full-fledged scientific cargo for multiple regions will be transported. The drone will fly for nine years for relatively regular missions. Dragonfly, which will collect samples in this process, will also try to measure Titan’s habitability. In addition, probiotic chemical growth in an important crater will be scrutinized.

The latest delay decision taken by NASA suggests that it will be necessary to wait a little longer to get detailed information about Titan. If all goes well, Dragonfly will allow you to better see the similarities and differences between Titan and Earth.

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