NASA’s Iconic ‘Worm’ Logo Returns with Falcon 9


NASA will not use its meatball logo, which it has been using for years, in Falcon 9. The institution is preparing to give an important message by using the worm logo in the 1970s instead of the meatball logo.

NASA, which conducts the space studies of the United States, is frequently the subject of our news. As the Webtekno team, we bring NASA to our agenda with more studies and discovery explanations, but this time the information we will convey will be a little different than ever. Because NASA has announced an unexpected change with the latest statements.

Many of us know the NASA’s current logo. This logo contains the white NASA text placed on a blue circular structure and the white and red lines around this text. However, NASA will change this logo in the future. The interesting point about this is that NASA is switching to an old logo, not a new one.

NASA’s current logo is called “meatball” and has been on NASA’s spacecraft for years. In addition, this logo is located in the headquarters of the institution. However, NASA has not used this logo since its first day. After using this logo until 1975, the institution started using a logo called NASA with a special font in red color, which it called “worm”. When we came to 1992, the institution returned to meatballs and has been using the same logo since that day.

According to statements made by NASA manager Jim Bridenstine, the worm logo will go to space in the coming periods. The agency has been working for some time to send its astronauts to the International Space Station for new missions. This project is expected to take place in mid-May. The vehicle that will take astronauts to space is called Falcon 9. NASA will use the worm logo, not meatballs, in this vehicle that will send astronauts into space.

Worm logo placed on Falcon 9
The fact that NASA will send the worm logo back into space may suggest that the patties will no longer be used. However, we can say that such a thing will not happen. According to the statements made by NASA, meatballs will continue to be the primary logo of the institution. However, NASA states that the worm logo can also be seen in later space missions. So NASA will continue to use both logos.

The agency has been sending US astronauts to space for a long time, through the Russian space agency Roscosmos. It cannot independently ship from US territory using rockets made by the United States. NASA signals that the worm will return to the logo, in a sense, that the USA will return to the days when it was independent in space studies.


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