NASA will land in the toughest terrain. How is this mission different?


The Americans will try to land on Mars nine times on Thursday evening with the Mars 2020 mission. A Perseverance vehicle with a small helicopter will land on the dusty surface of the red planet.

With similar missions, there is only half a chance of success.

In addition, Rover Perseverance lands on one of the most difficult Martian terrains.

If the landing is successful, Perseverance will be the fifth American rover on the surface of Mars.

How is today’s maneuver different from previous landings of the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration?

The most challenging terrain

Rover Perseverance will search Mars for a life that may have existed on the planet billions of years ago.

And where else is it better to look for ancient microbes than in the place where there used to be water. The goal of Thursday’s mission is therefore the crater Jezero, which was once flooded with water.

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