NASA Turns To Blockchain Technology For Satellites


NASA is exploring blockchain technology to enable communication between its satellites. SCRAMBL project, developed by Orbit Logic, will be tested to determine the best way to transfer data from one satellite node to another.

While the blockchain system continues to be integrated into our daily life in many ways; Giant institutions like NASA are also entering the world of blockchain. With the new project called Reconstructing Space Communication and Mapping with Blockchain (SCRAMBL), NASA once again knocked on the door of blockchain technology for its satellites. Within the scope of NASA, Small Business Technology Transfer Scheme program; It financed an award of approximately 124 thousand dollars for the project to be selected to be used in inter-satellite communication. The award-winning Orbit Logic’s blockchain system will support communication between NASA satellites and help store collected information about constellations.

The main purpose of the SCRAMBL project; Storing the data that satellites obtain about their constellations and sharing this information with each satellite. SCRAMBL will be combined with Orbit Logic’s existing autonomous system and will help build a more comprehensive and larger system for the constellation. The blockchain algorithm that is planned to be implemented will allow any NASA spacecraft to communicate effectively and autonomously with another blockchain node. At the same time, when there is a possible communication break between the same constellation satellites, SCRAMBL will play a big role in correcting this interruption.

NASA and Blockchain Do Not Cross Paths For The First Time

According to Coingeek’s report, blockchain technology has been among NASA’s research topics for the past few years. The blockchain project SCRAMBL, developed by Orbit Logic, is known as the 3rd blockchain-based project awarded by NASA. The other two projects also won awards of close to $ 124,000 in 2019. Tietronix, one of the awarded developers, presented the Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) project to NASA using the secure base of blockchain technology. Another project awarded by NASA; It was Emergent Space Technologies’ project covering a more general use of blockchain in space technology.

It is also known that NASA released a blockchain prototype 2 years ago to protect the privacy of air traffic data. With the launch of the “Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast” system, which shows the location of every aircraft in the US as of January, privacy concerns have become a hot topic. NASA, on the other hand, presented a blockchain-based prototype solution to address this privacy concern.

It is also known that NASA started working with a data expert with blockchain and digital asset experience in 2019. Although it is not officially announced on which projects this expert will work on, it is also claimed that NASA is preparing for its own blockchain-based projects.


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