NASA: If Tom Cruise Wants to Make Movies in Space, We’ll Do Everything We Can


The news of famous actor Tom Cruise collaborating with SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and the American National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) for the first film to be shot in space caused a great excitement. NASA Director Jim Bridenstine said they are ready to do everything they can if the project is realized.

Deadline, one of the most popular and reliable sources in the movie industry, earlier this month, Space Cruise CEO Tom Cruise, star of blockbuster productions like Our Mission Danger series, Top Gun, The Last Samurai, and Tomorrow’s Border, is Elon. He claimed that he cooperated with Musk and the American National Aviation and Space Agency (NASA).

NASA Director Jim Bridenstine said that Musk, who wants to carry out space tourism and establish a new human civilization in space, already has many customers and Cruise is also among these names.

“One of SpaceX’s customers for space tourism is Tom Cruise”

“We will do everything we can, including opening the International Space Station (ISS) for the mission to be successful,” said Bridenstine, adding that space-related research will increase further, thanks to private companies such as SpaceX and Boeing.

Sharing a very interesting detail about his past, the 44-year-old NASA Director stated that he watched the movie Top Gun when he was in primary school and decided to become a navy pilot inspired by the character of Cruise’s Pete Mitchell (Maverick).

NASA gave green light for first film to be shot in space

Maverick, the sequel to 80’s cult production Top Gun, will be released on June 26, unless delayed. The movie, which we will watch Cruise in 34 years after Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, is preparing to give the audience a tremendous experience with their 6K resolution footage.

Saying that the American actor can make new films that will inspire the new generation, Bridenstine said, “If it is to succeed, NASA, we are all ready to do everything we can,” turned on the green light for the first film to be shot in space. Cruise and Musk, other names in the center of the claim, have not yet broken their silence.


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