NASA to Rename Discriminatory Celestial Bodies


NASA announced that it is making a policy change. With this change, NASA will no longer use discriminatory and racist expressions in the names of celestial bodies.

According to the statements made by NASA, the first step taken in parallel with this policy change will be taken through the “Eskimo Nebula”. Accordingly, the planetary nebula, also known as “NGC 2392”, will no longer be named the Eskimo Nebula. Stating that the word “Eskimo” has a racist past, NASA states that the name change will be made due to this past.

NGC 2392 is not the only celestial body that NASA has been renaming. According to the information obtained, the institution will also change the name of the Siamese Twins Galaxy. In fact, the new name will be “Butterfly Galaxies”. As a matter of fact, when they were named “Siamese Twins”, ulterior motives were not motivated. Because this celestial body, which is 52 million light years away from our planet, was the situation where NGC 4567 and NGC 4568 merge, and therefore it was preferred. However, the change in policy will cause this name to change as well.

NASA official Thomas Zurbuchen, who made statements on the subject, caused such a policy change to show that all the names to be used in celestial objects are more inclusive and should be adjusted to respect values. Zurbuchen underlines that they will work actively to achieve their goals.

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