NASA tests the most powerful thrusters ever made (VIDEO)


The most powerful thrusters developed by NASA have been successfully tested for use in the next mission

An amazing video has been the test in which NASA is shown testing the solid fuel propellants for its most powerful rocket, with which it will take the first woman on a mission involving the Moon.

The engine was capable of producing more than 3 million pounds of thrust during the unusual large-scale test that lasted just over two minutes, NASA reported when revealing the video.

Video posted online by shows a huge flame coming out of the engine and a massive amount of smoke billowing through the desert landscape in Promontory, Utah, and it was explained that steam rose from the scorched earth for several minutes after which concluded Wednesday’s test.

The Flight Support Booster-1 engine is part of the Space Launch System rocket that will power NASA’s first Artemis mission to the Moon, in which the first woman will be sent to our natural satellite along with another astronaut in 2024 as part of a effort to expand space exploration and eventually send humans to Mars.

NASA Solid Fuel Thrusters

The SLS is the only rocket powerful enough to carry the Orion spacecraft from the Artemis program along with the orbiting outpost Gateway, lunar lander, astronauts and supplies at the same time, according to NASA.

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For his part, SLS program manager John Honeycutt stated that NASA is simultaneously progressing in the assembly and manufacture of solid booster rockets for the first three Artemis missions and is also putting its efforts in the missions after the initial moon landing.

It is important to remember that no one else has traveled to the moon since astronaut Eugene Cernan, commander of NASA’s Apollo 17 mission in December 1972.


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