NASA Takes Anyone’s Name to the Moon! Here’s What To Do


NASA has launched a campaign to carry your name off-Earth for the Artemis I mission, as has been done before with the Perseverance and Insight missions. The campaign launched for the Artemis I mission will carry your name to the Moon this time!

The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) campaign to send names to space, which had attracted great interest from Turkey, has come before us with a new one. NASA has started taking names from all over the world, this time for the Artemis I mission, which will be humanity’s first visit to the Moon in a long time.

The Artemis I mission, which will be the first leg of the Artemis program, which aims to finally set foot on the Moon again for astronauts, will be carried out in an unmanned way. The mission, in which the Orion rocket will be sent to the Moon, will also take everyone who sent their name to NASA to the Moon with them. What you need to do to carry your name to the Moon with NASA is very simple.

Send your name to the Moon:

If you want your name to be carried to the Moon by NASA’s Artemis I mission, click this link to reach NASA’s relevant page.
Then press the ‘Get Boarding Pass’ option and write your name and surname on the form that appears.
In the last section, ‘PIN CODE’, create your own code consisting of 4-7 numbers, which is suitable for you.
After pressing the ‘Generate’ option, a special boarding pass will be created for you with the values ​​you set. You can download the boarding pass to your device by clicking on it.
The Send Your Name to Mars project, previously organized by NASA, has enabled millions of names to arrive on Mars today. The project, which was carried out in 2020, received a level of interest from Turkey that it has not seen in any other country in the world. The mission, in which NASA’s Perseverance spacecraft, which is currently circulating on the surface of Mars, was launched, carried a total of 2.5 million Turkish names to Mars.