NASA Still Doesn’t Know What’s Wrong With The Hubble Telescope


NASA: The US Space Agency (NASA) still does not know exactly what the source of the problem affecting the Hubble telescope two weeks ago is.

According to an official statement released last week, the failure probably occurred in the so-called payload computer, more precisely in the Scientific Instrumental Command and Data Controller (SI C&DH) unit.

According to the agency’s text, the investigation has not yet been able to define precisely what caused the anomaly in its operation — that is, there is still no answer as to which parts are defective and why the failure. This step is considered essential so that a repair is sent and the telescope can return to operation.

Meanwhile, NASA is also preparing a way to connect the backup hardware that is present in the same equipment. A simple exchange of the memory module to activate it was not successful, indicating that the problem is bigger and the process will be “more complex and risky”.

accident chronology

As of March 2021, Hubble had already experienced a software error that put it into safe mode, but the behavior was not seen as abnormal and it was soon back in operation.

The last failure that disabled the functions happened in June this year. Despite the lack of repair, at least for the time being, the structure remains in good working order. If the backup computer is unable to turn Hubble’s functions back on, it must be dropped into the atmosphere and stop sending data and photos to Earth after more than 30 years of operation.


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