NASA spacecraft flew to seek life on Mars


The American Space and Aviation Agency (NASA) spacecraft will look for traces of life on the surface of Mars. The robot named Perseverance, which is sent to Mars with the Atlas V rocket launched today, will examine a dried crater lake on the Red Planet.

Scientists will investigate whether there are traces of life on the red planet. The rocket started its journey on July 30. After reaching the goal of Perseverance, it will also collect soil samples and provide great information for research.

NASA spacecraft set off for Mars

Whether there is life in the Red Planet in the past is a question that looks for the answer of years. To find the answer to this question, NASA sent the new spacecraft with an Atlas V rocket. The road is planned to reach its destination in February 2021. After arrival, Perseverance will work on a dried crater lake that has not been studied before.

NASA spacecraft, which will collect samples for two years during the studies, will complete the Mars journey in 2031 and return to Earth. In addition, when the features of the robot are examined, 20 cameras, 2 microphones, laser, helicopter and scientific equipment are manifested.

However, live broadcasts are made on NASA’s YouTube channel regarding the Perseverance journey, which will be the fifth NASA vehicle that lands on the NASA surface. You can reach the publication from below.

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